Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vertigo Brewing - Friar Mike's India Pale Ale

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According to, there are currently 69 breweries in the city of Portland, and 105 in the Portland Metro Area, I'll admit that I don't get out to the suburban areas surrounding my fair city very often. I don't have a car of my own and I rely on public transportation to get me around town. (No, I'm not a  car-less loser--it's a lifestyle choice. Okay, a lifestyle choice forced on me by the ridiculous lack of parking in my NE Portland neighborhood.) That's life in the big city.

A trip to what I call the Hinterlands--nearby communities like Tigard, Milwaukie and Hillsboro--take me at least an hour and a couple of transfers from bus to light rail. Ugh. too much of a chug. Nevertheless, there are a good number of breweries just outside Portland-proper that deserve a visit, if you're not too lazy to get to them.

Vertigo Brewing is located in the city of Hillsboro, OR. The brewery/taproom is situated in an unassuming business park that took me a few turns to find the first time I dropped by. If you should happen to find yourself out that way, I recommend paying Vertigo a visit. Excellent beer brewed by excellent people.

Today, I'm drinking a bomber of Vertigo Brewing's Friar Mike's India Pale Ale. This IPA comes with an ABV of  6.1% and 62 IBU's. How is it, you ask? Let's find out!

The beer poured into my glass a golden orange color with a bright, white head. The head rose up to a finger thick and dissipated slowly. Copious sheets of webby lacing were left behind on the glass.

Aroma was citrus hops and caramel malt. Orange and grapefruit. Hints of pine. Floral notes.

Taste followed the nose. Citrus and pine. A level of hops bitterness that I appreciated very much, with sweet caramel malt providing an appropriate balance. Nice!

Medium mouthfeel with good carbonation. Nice, bitter hops taste left on the palate at the finish.

Overall, this is a solid, old school IPA that does not disappoint. Loads of flavor. Sufficient hops bitterness for a picky hophead. I like it and I would be happy to find Friar Mike's on any tap list. Merry the Wonder Beagle demanded a taste and I obliged with a small drop from the tip of my pinky. She reversed sniffed, which is a high compliment from a beagle. I'm giving Friar Mike's IPA a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 and the coveted Droolie.

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