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Willamette Week's 4th Annual Beer Pro/Am


31 Homebrewer + Pro Brewer Teams to Debut New Brews at Willamette Week’s 4th Annual Beer Pro/Am

Portland, Ore. -- Craft beer enthusiasts, get ready! On Saturday, October 15, 31 teams of one homebrewer and one professional brewer will reveal experimental beers and vie for your vote at Willamette Week’s 4th Annual Beer Pro/Am. Only 500 tickets are available to Portland’s original home/pro brewer collaboration event, happening at The North Warehouse (723 N Tillamook Street, Portland) from Noon to 6 p.m. for guests 21+.

“Beer Pro/Am has found its stride,” says Steph Barnhart, Willamette Week’s events and marketing manager. “After three years of having new homes, we’re excited to return to The North Warehouse, repeat our sell out crowd and offer 30 percent more beers. There is no other beer festival like this.”

Tickets range from $10 (designated driver) to a $55 “Super Rare” VIP Experience ticket, which allows guests one full hour of tasting where the brewer to guest ratio is 1:1. Translation: no lines and plenty of time to nerd out about simcoe hops, CBD infused IPAs or lavendar lagers. The general admission ticket is $25 and includes 31 three-ounce tastes, a commemorative pint glass and Brewvana pretzel necklace.

Food is provided by food carts PDX Sliders and Thrive Pacific NW. DJ Short Change brings the beats and more than a dozen additional vendors will be onsite, including: Bailey’s Taproom, Brewed Oregon, Brewvana, Digital Pour, Fairlane Coffee, Girls Pint Out, Good IV, Green Mountain Energy, Hidden Rose Tattoo, Kettle Brand Chips, Krave Jerky, Muv Training, Nature Commode, Sasquatch Sauces, SUM Architecture and Design, Wailua Shave Ice, Zythos Project and more TBA.

A full beer list is attached on the second page. Participating breweries include: 54-40, Baerlic, Breakside, Bridgeport, Burnside, Coalition, Culmination, Dean’s Scene, Drinking Horse Beer, Edgefield (McMenamins), Ex Novo, Fat Heads, Feckin, Fort George, Great Notion, Laurelwood, Lompoc, Montavilla, Ordnance, Pints, Rogue, The Oregon Mead & Cider Company, Sasquatch, Swift Cider, Three Mugs, Trusty, Unicorn, Uptown Market, Vanguard, Widmer and Zoiglhaus.

Tickets, home brewer roster and more information available at wweek.com/beerproam.


54-40 Brewing Company with Brett Wendorf
Liberty INXS | India Pale Lager | Over 17 pounds of freshly picked Liberty hops per barrel went into this hoppy lager. Our home-brewer extraordinaire developed the grist bill with a smidge of Munich and light crystal malt. This is what you need, we'll give you what you need.

Baerlic Brewing Company with Jarett Creason/ John Moore
Peel the Bern! "Make America Wheat Again!" | Imperial Wheat Imperial American Wheat ale with tangerine and orange peel fermented in a Bernheim Wheat Whiskey barrel.

Breakside Brewery with Ritch Marvin
TBA | Sour Witbier with Ginger and Kumquat | A tart farmhouse wheat ale brewed with a mixed culture of Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus. Spicy notes of fresh ginger and juicy kumquat balance the yeast and acid profiles in this refreshing quaffer.

BridgePort Brewpub with Dean Ehnes
Hop-Podge IPA | Autumnal IPA

Burnside Brewing with Jenn McPoland + Jeremie Landers
Fleur de CremE | Layered American 'Cream Ale' | Base layer: Pilsner malt and a touch of corn / Second layer: Bob's Red Mill rolled oats and wheat for added fluffiness and creaminess / Third Layer: Lactose for a bit of sweet creaminess and depth / Top Layer: Conditioned with Madagascar vanilla beans, soft and sweet, bring a subtle sweet flavor and aroma that is delicately balanced by French lavender (locally foraged by many of our beer hunter-gatherer friends in Portland).

Coalition with Parker and Jon Hall Bretta Persica
100% brett fermented IPA aged on necatrines Bretta Persica is a uniquely delicious creation. The base beer begins as an IPA, with galaxy and equinox hops providing tropical and citrus notes. This base is fermented with brettanomyces, a wild yeast which contributes a pleasantly dry finish and notes of fruit, funk, and farmhouse. Nectarines, a.k.a. Prunus Persica, are added mid-fermentation, adding delightful fruit notes that intermingle with the tropical hops and fermentation esters. Highly drinkable, unique, and all around delicious!

Culmination Brewing with Bill Schneller
The Trumpet Major | Modern interpretation of traditional Burton Old Ale with Brettanomyces Burton Old Ales were traditionally aged before release and many English strong ales were actually blends of fresh beer with older, barrel aged strong ales. These blended Old Ales had rich malt and fruity notes, but also had a vinous quality from the barrel aging with Brettanomyces. Our beer is a late 19th/early 20th century Burton Ale recipe blended with a barrel-aged strong ale that had Brettanomyes added. It has the strong, rich malt backbone with fruity and vinous notes from Brettanomyces and finishes with assertive bitterness that balances the malt richness.

Drinking Horse Brewing Company with Enrique "Ricky" Mendez
Ale Be Quirky | Hefeweizen Hefeweisen with mango, lime and habenaro.

Edgefield (McMenamins) with Mike Marsh
Sorcerer’s Apprentice | Nectarine Brett Pale 350 pounds of roasted Fantasia nectarines, Imperial Yeast’s Suburban Brett, 8 Hogshead whiskey barrels, Mike Marsh’s ingenuity and Edgefield Brewery’s know-how have combined to create a funky, lightly fruity, Brett primary fermented beer that spent its whole life in oak barrels.

Ex Novo Brewing Company with Jack Hall
It Burns When IPa | JalapeƱo Cream Ale Spicy, smooth, and fruity. Cream ale brewed with JalapeƱos and tropical fruity hops!

Fat Head's Brewery with Will Minderhout
Roll Tide Rye IPA | Red Rye IPA | The winningest beer made by the best coach in the business. Ready to take another National Championship. IPA with smooth red malt character balanced by dry, spicy rye malt and finishes with tropical fruit aroma and flavors of grapefruit, mango and pine.

Feckin Irish Brewing Company with William McAullife
It's a Feckin Mermaid | Fresh Hop Rye IPA | A twist on Feckin IPA made with a blend of Rye and barley. Fresh hops of Crystal and a mystery hop give it the profile.

Fort George Brewery with Chris McNeel
The Doomed Rider | Wee Heavy | Full bodied malty Wee Heavy with notes of caramel and coffee (hand-roasted by the brewers). Fuggle hops add a woodsy taste of The Old Country.

Great Notion Brewing and Barrel House with Chad Graham
Amprosia | Saison | Amprosia is a saison fermented with a mixed culture of lacto, pedio and brett and aged in stainless steel with local chenin blanc and merlot grapes for two months.

Laurelwood Brewery with Aaron Cohen
Hellfest | German-Style Helles/ Fest Bier | Hellfest is made with German malt, hops and yeast. It is brewed as much like a German beer as Laurelwood's Brewery can pull off! This beer is somewhere between a GermanStyle Helles and Fest Bier. It is a light, clean, very sessionable, somewhat malty, rich, lager bier perfect for celebrating the fall harvest season. We hope you enjoy Hellfest, prost!

Lompoc Brewing with Kyle Kozlowski
Just Once, Think Twice... | Belgian Tripel | So, we made a tripel. But we added a bunch of hops to give it a nice citrus finish. Then we dry hopped with more hops and some blood orange puree, because that sounded cool. Then we introduced the beer to some brett since that seemed fun. It all adds up to a truly unique beer.

Montavilla Brew Works with Steve Carper
Ein Prosit! Festbier | Festbier | Inspired by the modern beers found in the tents of the original Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany. Deep golden color, rich malt forward flavor well balanced by assertive additions of Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Ein Prosit!

Ordnance Brewing with Chuck Macaluso
Goofy Oak IPA | Oaked IPA | Our homage to a turn of the century style. This English IPA was brewed and fermented on oak to imitate the trip eastward in an oaken barrel to it's final destination. To keep this tried and true style fresh, we threw in a little west coast flavor with some Willamette and Crystal hops. Here's to the journey!

Oregon Mead and Cider Company with Brewvana
I Mead You To Mead Me | Barrel Aged Dry Sparkling Mead | A delicate blend of fruit, spice and honey with highlights drawn from the barrel.

Rogue Ales with Tracy Hensley
Golden Oak | Pinot Gris Barrel Fermented and Aged Belgian Golden Strong Ale Local Lange Estate Winery invented barrel-fermented, New World, Pinot Gris. Fermented two months in Lange barrel; “Golden Oak” blends Pinot Gris’ bright, intricate flavors with Belgian Golden Strong Ale’s subtle complexity.

PINTS with Mo Wark
Zingiber | Ginger-Infused Pale Ale | Pickled sushi ginger and powdered ginger in the kettle, fresh ginger root in the fermentor. The vibrant flavor and aroma of ginger is what is on display. Zingiber utilizes a clean malt bill of American 2-row and C-15 malts with Columbus hops for bittering and Amarillo and El Dorado for the late hop additions. But it is really all about the ginger, let's be honest with each other.

Sasquatch Brewing Company with Mitch Steele
Dr. Filbert | Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale | Bold dark malts and a choice Belgian yeast give off sweet, spicy aromas and flavors up front with a finish of smooth, earthy nuttiness from hand-toasted local hazelnuts. You'll like this one. We aren't doctors, but you can trust us.

Swift Cider with Miranda Karson
Purple Rain | Cider Juice from Newtown Pippin apples / Brewer's Gold to please your brain / pureed Oregon black currants / funky brett fermented / into Purple Rain. Purple Rain, Purple Rain....

Three Mugs Brewing Company with Jeremy Speer
I Want Samoa Dat! | Milk STOUT W/Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut | The Girl Scouts are knocking at the door, but, instead of a box of cookies, they’re bringing you a delicious Samoa cookie in a glass. Rich and chocolaty; caramel and coconut: We used hundreds of caramel cubes, plus pounds of cacao nibs and shaved coconut. Take a bite…I bet you can’t drink just one.

Trusty Brewing Company with Matthew Fields
OMFUQ (Oh My Favorite Quad) | Belgian style Quadrupel | OMFUQ is a Belgian style Quadrupel brewed with massive variety of classic dark malts, pale malts and traditional Belgian candi sugar. Fermented with a derivative of Trappist yeast, this beer showcases an amalgam of complex flavors. The aroma is loaded with fruity esters of date fig and plumb intertwined with spicy phenolic clove notes and some hints of banana. No spices or fruit were used in its production yet its complex aroma begs to differ, a small amount warming alcohol notes eludes to its dangerous drinkability.

Unicorn Brewing Company with Kevin Smith
Miahnator | Doppelbock Lager | Mianator is a classic German doppelbock in every sense of the style. Though rich and full of malt complexity it is not cloyingly sweet or syrupy in its body, and has a gorgeous nut-brown color with blood-red highlights.

Uptown Market Brewery with Warren Holmes
TBA | Herb/Spiced Beer | Yerba Mate infused smoked wheat with lemon zest Vanguard Brewing Company with Jim Telles There Can Be Only One | Wee heavy Scottish ale A malty beer for those fall days. Our version is easy drinking with some lightly smoked flavors to accent the Marris Otter grain used in its production.

Widmer Brothers Brewing with Steve Munch
Munchensteiner Spezial | German Spezial | This Spezial came about when Steve and Dan miscalculated how efficient their garage homebrew helles batch would turn out, and decided not to water it down back to 5%. We are excited to bring this elegant lager to the table. A long and cold fermentation temperature brings out the clean and rich flavors of the german malts. The restrained level of hops and dryness of the finish lend a drinkability to this otherwise robust showcase of 'less is more'.

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company with Nick Roberts
It is what it is... | Fruit-infused Saison | What it is is a strawberry-infused black peppercorn saison. That pretty much sums it up.

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