Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Everybody's Brewing Company - Hoppy AF Double IPA

Hoppy a Francais?
Hey, want to know a great way to irritate an Oregonian? Pronounce the name of the state Ory-GONE. Yeah, that's not going to do at all. It's Or-gun, or Or-uh-gun, but never, ever, ever, never, ever Ory-gone or Or-ah-gone. That's the way Mrs. Drysdale from The Beverly Hillbillies would pronounce it--all hoity-toity, highfalutin and completely WRONG.

Don't be a goober. Pronounce the name of the best beer state in the US of A properly, um-kay? I won't even get into the proper intonation for the word "Willamette" right now. We'll just save that for another day. (Dammit!)

Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing a beer review. Today, I'm drinking a bomber of Everybody's Brewing Company's Hoppy AF Double IPA. This beer comes from Washington, a state with a name that nobody should have a problem pronouncing.  Wait, I'm pretty sure it happens more often than we'd like to believe. I'm also pretty sure the folks up north of me would argue that they live in the best beer state in the US of A, and they would have some pretty solid talking points.

I picked this brew up at New Seasons for under five bucks. It comes with an ABV of 8.5% and 85 IBU's. The label advises that the beer was brewed with Galaxy, Citra and Chinook hops. Sounds right up my taste bud alley. Let's get the cap off and see what we've got here...

The beer poured into my IPA glass a clear, light orange color with a creamy, white head. The head rose right up to more than a finger thick with no coaxing. That head dissipated slowly and left behind big, webby patches of lacing all over the glass.

Aroma was lovely citrus, pine and tropical fruit. Sweet caramel malt. Herbal notes. Floral notes. Juicy, juice. Lucious in the nose, promising a big delivery of hoppy goodness.

Taste absolutely followed the nose. Orange, tangerine, grapefruit pith. Pineapple, guava. A tinge of dankness. Hints of stone fruit. Clean malt flavor. Wow, there was a whole lot of taste bud tingling going on.

Medium mouthfeel. Good carbonation. Lighter body for such a big beer. I approve. This brew is very quaffable, even with the respectable ABV and robust hops profile. All those hops flavors were left playing around on the palate at the end.

Overall, this is my kind of IPA. It may not necessarily be yours, but I could almost swear that the good folks at Everybody's Brewing brewed this one just for me. I love it and will look for this beer in the cold case and on tap wherever I may roam. Good stuff! I'm awarding Hoppy AF a perfect BeerGuyPDX score of 4 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie. 

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