Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hollywood Beverage Filling Crowlers in NE PDX

Heretic Brewing's Evil Cousin
poured from a crowler
I know what you're thinking: "A crowler? What in the Sam-frickety-Hill is a crowler?"

That's what I thought, too. Perhaps a creepy devotee of creepy 20th Century occultist, Aleister Crowley? Hmmm...that would certainly be interesting, but that's not it. Thank the Great God Horus for Google! I was able to find out that a crowler is an aluminum can that is filled individually, like a growler at a taproom or fill station, using a special machine designed and created by Dixie Canner Co. Read all about this coolest piece of equipment by clicking HERE.

When I read on Facebook that my favorite liquor store slash craft beer emporium, Hollywood Beverage had just installed a crowler machine, I had to make a special trip over there to see for myself.

I ordered a 32 ounce crowler of Heretic Brewing Company's Evil Cousin Imperial IPA from the lovely tap selection at Hollywood Beverage. The beertender filled up the can and sealed that puppy up for me in a matter of minutes. Way cool!

What I truly appreciate about a crowler is that it provides yet another option for craft beer lovers to enjoy fresh from the tap beer at home, camping, picnicking, wherever. Note that I paid an extra $1.35 for the can, but that's a price worth paying to a beer-toting vessel that keeps out all taste-destroying sunlight and carbonation-wrecking oxygen. 

The crowler machine in action...
Unlike a glass growler, the aluminum can crowler can keep the beer inside nice and fresh for days, until it is opened. Pfffffff! Even left unopened, a traditional glass growler will only keep beer appropriately fresh for 24 hours in the fridge. I've wasted a lot of fine craft beer that way.

The cans are 100% recyclable and far easier to transport than a glass container. Aluminum cans are also easier to transport and chill much faster than glass.

I anticipate you will soon find a large number of crowlers hanging out in my fridge. It should be relatively easy to mark the contents on the side of the can with a grease pencil. I'm surprised nobody came up with this idea a long time ago.

You'll find Hollywood Beverage at 3028 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97321. HERE IS a link to their current tap list.

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