Monday, November 16, 2015

Cider Riot! Releases Rudy’s Cranberry Hibiscus Cider Cocktail

(photo courtesy of
Cider Riot!)

The latest in the Action Growler™ 2-Liter series from Cider Riot!® Rudy’s Cranberry Hibiscus Cider Cocktail brings together cold-pressed cranberry juice from Starvation Alley cranberry farms, NW apples, and certified organic hibiscus flowers.

Intense fruity hibiscus aromas and flavors lead into an off-dry mid palate, while tannins from the hibiscus flowers give Rudy’s a medium full mouthfeel with a tart refreshing finish from the cranberry juice.

The Action Growler™ allows you to take Rudy’s sledding, or snowshoeing without fear of breaking glass, it’s also practical for sharing and makes a perfect holiday gift.

Rudy’s pairs well with cheese plates, merriment, and festive affairs. We invite you to don your most festive cardigan, drop the needle on the hifi and crack open a frosty flagon of our Rudy’s Cranberry Hibiscus Cocktail. Pick it up at your local bottleshop or greengrocer today.

Cider Riot! is located in Portland’s North Tabor Neighborhood and is dedicated to producing flavorful, refreshing, dry ciders.

For more information about Cider Riot!, Action Growlers, or Rudy’s Cranberry Hibiscus Cider contact Abram Goldman-Armstrong 503-662-8275,

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