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2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide - Black Friday Edition

Tomorrow is Black Friday, or as I like to call it, Blech Friday. Honestly, I just can't imagine the appeal of hitting a crowded mall or big-box store with a massive throng of other idiots at Freeze-Your-Ass-Off o'clock. My Lord, it's like a scene out of The Walking Dead, except these particular zombies aren't after brains--though they should be--they're after holiday sale deals, and they'll do anything to bring home the goods. I'm telling you, no flippin' way am I getting between a desperate housewife and that last Xbox One Gears of War Bundle at Wal-Mart tomorrow. Oh, no, no, no. If you're feeling the same kind of anti-social sense of self-preservation, I've got some Blech Friday, beer-related gift ideas for you.

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How about a watch that looks like it's filled with sweet, sudsy beer? I know, right? I would love to have this vintage, black leather strap watch in my collection. It could be my dressy, dust off the gray suit watch. I would stare at it longingly during long business meetings, dreaming about a faraway happy hour...sigh.

I'm betting your own Beer-loved would light up with glee and holler "Ooooo, FANCY!" upon finding this amazing timepiece tastefully wrapped and awaiting him/her under the Christmas tree.

The Funny Beer Bubbles Wristwatch (yes, that's what they call it) is available in a number of other styles. The price of this particular model is $49.45 at Zazzle. Click HERE for details.

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Everybody knows that McMenamins is an original name in Oregon craft beer, but did you know that they also make some mighty fine craft spirits? Yup, McMenamins has been distilling spirits for many years and they have just the stuff your Beer-loved might need to spike the ol' eggnog or add a shot of something to chase down his/her favorite beer.

Through December 31, 2015, Holiday Distillery Gift Packs are available, while supplies last, at McMenamins 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop, The Market at Anderson School and 11 McMenamins gift shops located at: Edgefield (Troutdale), Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro), Kennedy School (Portland), Old St. Francis School (Bend), Old Church Brewery & Pub (Wilsonville), Grand Lodge (Forest Grove), North Bank (Eugene), Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery (Roseburg), Hotel Oregon (McMinnville), Lighthouse Brewpub (Lincoln City) and Gearhart Hotel & Sand Trap Pub (Gearhart).

There are two holiday distillery gift packs to choose from:

Whiskey Trio Gift Pack - $50.00
Flask Sized Bottles of:
• Billy Whiskey
• Hogshead Whiskey
• Monkey Puzzle
• Custom keepsake shot glass
• Cocktail Recipes
• Gift box

Spirit of the Harvest Gift Pack - $45.00
• 1 Bottle of Aval Pota
• 1 Bottle of Phil Hazelnut Liqueur
• Custom keepsake Irish coffee mug
• Cinnamon sticks
• Holiday cocktail recipes
• Gift box

McMenamins has beer and wine gift packs, too! Click HERE for more information.

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Hopworks website)
Your beer-loving Beer-loved probably has a closet filled with brewery t-shirts. Seriously, how much beer gear can one person have? 


Now that we have that straightened out, Let me point you in the direction of some very cool beer gear that says Portland stylin' like no other. I'm talking about HUB, aka Hopworks Urban Brewery.

In addition to some very sharp-looking wearable gear, HUB has decorative metal signs, tap handles, and premium logo glassware. I have my eye on the HUB Belgian Chalice. I want!

Check out the entire collection of HUB goods and gear by clicking HERE.

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Is your Beer-loved a lil' stinker? Looking for a way to gently suggest some...improved grooming habits? How about some beer soap? Soap made from beer! Heck! I would take two or three showers a day!

The Set of 3 Craft Beer Soaps with Beer Themed Gift Bag, comes with three assorted round bars of beer soap - each containing a different craft beer. You will receive one each of the following soaps: Porter, IPA and Oatmeal Stout. Reusable festive gift pouch with drawstring closure is handmade in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Each soap measures approximately 4" in diameter. Each bar weighs approximately 4.0 oz.

This sweet-smelling gift is available at Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping for Prime member. Click HERE for more info.

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I don't know about you, but if I could pop open an ice cold beer with my phone, I probably would. If my phone could also double as a cigarette lighter or easily attach to a camera tripod, too? Holy, moly McGuyver! What will they think of next?

Okay, get ready, this one is a mouthfull: The AnyShock Multi-tool Cigarette Lighter/ Beer Bottle Opener/ Camera Stable Tripod Shockproof Defender Case Cover for iPhone 5/ 5S (Phew!) is on sale right now at Amazon for $14.99, with free shipping for Prime members.

(Just a side note: I have really gotten my money's worth out of my Amazon Prime membership over the years. I get free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, the Kindle Lending Library and Prime Photos. The price is going up to $99 when my subscription expires next year, but it's still a good deal.)

For ordering information on the AnyShock Mult-tool Defender Case, click HERE.

Okay, that's it for tonight. Go forth and shop tomorrow, if that's your thing. I'll toast your success from the safety of my barstool.

For more holiday gift ideas check my 2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide, Part One and Part Two.

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