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2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide, Part Two

It's a beautiful, crisp, sunny day in Portland. I just finished cleaning the remnants of my 2015 hops bines off my deck. That was a gooey, soggy mess. What to do next? I know! I'll finish my Christmas shopping! Presenting part dos of my anxiously anticipated, always appreciated Holiday Gift Guide. If you have a beer lover in your haus, I done did all the gift hunting for you. Hey, it's what I do. You're welcome!

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First up, I found a very cool beer flight set from Bambeco. This stylish set of five flight glasses and taster tray is made entirely from recycled materials. The glasses are made from reclaimed wine cooler bottles and the tray is a repurposed wine barrel stave. The result is a unique and elegant flight that will impress your guests for years to come.

Portland 5 Beer Flight - Clear is priced very reasonably at $55, considering that each set is handmade right here in the U.S. of A. Click HERE for ordering information.

(photo linked from Portland
Growler Co.)
While we're on the subject of gift items handmade in the U.S. of A., here's one handcrafted right here in the best damn beer burg in the world, Portland, Oregon! Behold the latest from Portland Growler Company. These ceramic growlers are awesome. They come in a variety of styles and colors, but the gloss red is totally new and even more awesomer. (Man, I'm making my grammar checker freak out today!) 

I'm thinking there may be one or two beer-lovin' ladies out there who would LOVE to own a growler that matches her lipstick. My wife says these jugs provide a stylish panache that you don't typically find in a beer receptacle. It's a growler AND a fashion accessory! 

The gloss red growlers cost a little more because the glaze requires the precious metal cadmium to get that bright red color. I've seen these in person at a recent beer festival, and they are about a red as red can get. What a beautiful piece of pottery. You should own one...

The Loop / Gloss Red / 64 oz. Growler costs $79.00. Click HERE for more info.

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Gigantic Brewing)
Okay, it looks like I'm sticking close to home with my Christmas shopping this year. I've got another Portland-grown gift idea for you. How about a little label art to adorn the walls of your Beer-loved's man or lady cave?

Portland's Gigantic Brewing Company puts out some mighty fine beers, but their label art is amazing, too. Lucky you! They sell both!

Gigantic's labels are all designed by different artists. The artists are given complete artist freedom, which has resulted in some of the most amazing label art ever created. I'll admit it, whenever Gigantic puts out a new beer, I'm almost as excited to see what's on the outside of the bottle as I am to drink what's on the inside.

16 X 20 inch, high quality posters are available of a large number of label designs. They cost $60 each. Click HERE to check them all out.

(photo link from Things Remembered)
Wouldn't be cool if your Beer-loved could drink a beer out of a glass engraved with his/her very own, personal beer motto? You know, something like:


Whoa! How awesome would that be? I just got chills imagining it.

Well, you don't have to imagine it, Janet! You can get a set for four Spiegelau craft beer glasses, all engraved with whatever you want: name, initials, or previously aforementioned beer motto.

The set comes with the Spiegelau IPA glass, a stemmed glass, a pilsner glass and a hefe glass. That should cover just about all of your gift recipient's craft beer vessel needs. The price is $55, plus the cost for personalization of EACH glass, so this gift can be a bit Spendy McSpenderson, if you lack an economy of words. Still, it's a pretty cool gift.

The Personalized Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit is available from Things Remembered. Click HERE for ordering information.

(image snagged from Amazon)
I'm going to brag a little bit here. Sorry. Gotta do it. Given my consistent butchery of the English language in this little ol' beer blog, you would probably be surprised to hear that my son--the fruit my lions, the off of my spring--was recently appointed the newest Associate Professor of English at his mother's alma mater. How cool is that? I'm such a proud papa.

I was also quite touched when my boy told me that his appreciation for literature began when I would tuck him into bed each night and read him a bedtime story. That brought a little tear to my eye, especially considering that those stories were not always...let's just say "age appropriate" and leave it there.

I have no doubt that if the children's book parody Goodnight Brew had been around when my son was two, it would have been a regular in the bedtime story line-up. Hey! I have two granddaughters! I'm ordering this one ASAP!

Goodnight Brew is available in hardcover at Amazon for $12.58. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime. Click HERE to order.

Finally, a couple of stocking stuffers:

(image from
Even at age 50-zillion, I still like to find my stocking stuffed full of tasty goodies on Christmas morning. Hey! Here's a tip for you youngsters: don't forget about ol' pop's stocking! He's probably the guy who stuffed himself into that moth-eaten Santa suit every year, just to give you some extra holiday delights. He might not say anything, but if he wanders out into the living room on X-mas morn and finds that sock dangling there on the mantle limp and empty, his crusty heart will be breaking on the inside. On the INSIDE!

Feeling guilty, yet, you little bast*rds? Yeah, I hope so. Try to rectify your ungrateful oversights of Christmas Past and get your dad something for his stocking. You can start with these beer-flavored jelly beans! Honestly, that sounds just awful. Ack! But, in this situation, it really is the thought that counts.

A 1.75 ounce, beer can tin of Jelly Belly Draft Beer jelly beans sells for $10.03 on Amazon, with free shipping. Click HERE to order.

(image snagged from High Hoppage)
Stickers! What self-respecting beer lover doesn't want to cover every square inch of his/her bumper with beer stickers? Heck, I'd cover the fridge with stickers, if Mrs. BeerGuyPDX would allow it...but she won't. Something about not wanting to live in a frat house...blah, blah, blah...

These cool oval stickers are available at High Hoppage for only two bucks each. Yes, you will find the HOP and the IPA stickers decorating that rear windshield of the BeerGuyPDX mobile--right next to the Cascadian flag.

Click HERE to order the stickers and peruse some of the other unique beer-related items at High Hoppage.

Check out the gift items on my 2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide, Part One.

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