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2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide, Part One

Is it really that time of year AGAIN? I honestly can't believe Christmas is only 42 days away. Why, it seems like just yesterday when I was taking down the crispy, brown Christmas tree and dragging it back to the alley under the cover of darkness... ahem... that is, I mean, I was carefully cutting up the Christmas tree and disposing of it properly in my official City of Portland green waste receptacle. Wait, it was just yesterday...

Yes, Christmas is right around the corner, so it's time to start posting my annual Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide. I do all the legwork--or in this case, fingerwork--so you can easily provide your beer-lovin', special someone with the perfect, beer-related Christmas gift. You're welcome!

Let's get this X-Mas party started!

(photo snagged from Amazon)
Just imagine your Beer-loved wakes up on Christmas morn to find a bottle of his/her favorite beer boxed up under the ol' Tannenbaum. (Hopefully, it's NOT a bottle of Bud, as pictured on the left.) Now, imagine further that the package is not an ordinary box. Oh, no, that would be too easy, my friend. That box is a devilish PUZZLE that must be solved in order to obtain the delicious brew (not Bud) inside!

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the hilarity!

The Beer Bottle Puzzle is available at Amazon for only $19.95, and shipping is free for Prime members.

Click HERE for details.

TIP: You probably wouldn't want to give your Beer-loved this gift and a set of power tools at the same time. I'm just sayin'.

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It's my personal opinion that a beer lover can never have too many growlers. It also happens to be my wife's opinion that I have WAY too many growlers. Okay, I will admit that she probably has a point and I should pare my collection down a bit before I even think about getting another one, but DANG if I didn't find an awesomely cool mini-keg growler that I must own!

Man Crates believes men deserve better gifts and they've put together a sweet collection of gift packages with all kinds of themes and personalization options. Of course, some of those are beer-related and my favorite is the Personalized Growler Crate. Awesome!

The crate comes with a cool 64 oz. mini-keg growler that can be personalized with the gift recipient's name. The label is black chalkboard paint so you can denote the keg's current contents. How nifty is that? The crate also comes with said chalk, two enamel pint glasses, beer nuts, peanuts and the 33 Bottles of Beer book. The whole thing comes packaged in a wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

The Personalized Growler Crate is $74.99 and can be ordered HERE.

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Did you know that beer saved the world? It did, but if you don't want to just take my word for it, you can see for yourself by watching one of my favorite beer documentaries: How Beer Saved the World.

This entertaining and educational DVD should be in the collection of every beer aficionado worth his/her salt--or suds, as the case may be here. By watching this Discovery Channel documentary, your Beer-loved will be able to succinctly and eruditely explain how the discovery of brewing led directly to the birth of civilization. They'll know the important part beer played in the building of the Egyptian Pyramids. They'll understand the impact beer has had on world history. Basically, he/she will be an annoying beer smarty-pants, but it will be worth it.

How Beer Saved the World is available on DVD from Amazon for only $9.87, with free shipping for Prime members. Click HERE to order.

(photo snagged from ThinkGeek)
You know, the Holiday Season just wouldn't be the same without tentacles. That's what we always say around the Linderman house, anyway. We just love us some thick, muscular, sucker-embued, holiday tentacles.

Personally, I prefer Cthulhu tentacles over Kraken tentacles any day of the year, but you can't have everything. Hey, if you have a beer-loving, tentacle-loving weirdo living in your house, I have a GREAT gift idea for you!

ThinkGeek is offering a set of four Tentacle Pint Glasses for the low, low price of $19.95. Okay, that's not really "low, low" but the design is pretty cool. You can order a set by clicking HERE.

(photo link taken from
Bits and Pieces)
There's been a lot of stuff floating around on the interwebs about hammers lately--what with a Presidential candidate claiming he went all wacky and attacky on his mama with one. I'm not so sure I'm buying what that guy is selling, but I do know that there should always be room in any well-appointed toolbox for a brand new hammer. And if that hammer should also come equipped with a BOTTLE OPENER? Well, that's just icing on the cake!

This nifty Hammer Bottle Opener is currently on sale at the Bits and Pieces website for only $5.39! Deal! Check it out HERE.

(photo from
How many times has this happened to you? Your Beer-loved gets a new craft beer that he/she wants to share with friends, uncaps the growler and then you get stuck searching for suitable taster glasses. Somebody ends up with a jelly glass. Somebody else gets the Las Vegas shot glass. A couple of folks have whiskey glasses. Maybe a Dixie cup tossed in there for good measure. Not very impressive for somebody who is supposed to be "all about the beer" there, Maynard.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a set of flight glasses, complete with serving paddle, just like the pros use in their brewery tasting rooms? Well, has just what your Beer-loved needs to impress his/her beer pals. The Anchor Hocking Craft Brews Beer Flight is a six glass set with a red brown wood paddle and sells for a very reasonable $21.99. What a great price!

Check it out HERE.

You'll find more beer-related gifts at my 2015 Beer Guy PDX Holiday Gift Guide, Part Two.

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