Sunday, October 25, 2015

Montavilla Brew Works

New Brew Works in Montavilla
Hey, another day, another new-to-me brewery. That's how it is in Portland, Oregon, the best damn beer town in the whole wide world. No, no, no, don't even think about challenging me on that one. No contest, but if we DID have a contest, I bet I can walk outside my front door, even in this wet, soggy downpour, and visit more world class breweries in MY beer town than you can in YOUR beer town. Yeah, I'm not expecting any takers. Throws it up for PDX! BOO-YAH!

Recently, my hometown beer travels brought me to Montavilla Brew Works, one of the newest breweries to open here in Stumptown. Montavilla Brew Works is located at 7805 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97215, in the quaint Montavilla Neighborhood.

It's my opinion that every Portland neighborhood should have a topnotch brewpub that the locals can visit, enjoy with pride, and call their own. Montavilla Brew Works brings that home to its Southeast Portland namesake and then some. I wish I had a place like it in my neighborhood.

There's a clean and bright interior space with a wide open view of the brewing operation. I always enjoy seeing those bright, shiny tanks. The taproom also has a large outdoor patio area with a number of clean picnic tables. No food is served at Montavilla Brew Works, other than some light snacks, but they encourage folks to bring in their own grub from elsewhere. FYI: there's a pizza joint across the street.

The tap list included the usual suspects for this neck of the woods, a pilsner, a pale ale, a red and an IPA. I got the Major Dude IPA when I stopped in. I must go back to try some of the other brews. Honestly, I was on my way home from Roscoe's where I had more beer than even I would recommend for one sitting.

Nice, mellow atmosphere out on the patio when I was there. I could definitely hang out and have a leisurely beer or three. I'll be keeping an eye on these folks, for sure.

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