Monday, October 5, 2015

Beers Made By Walking Event - October 10, 2015


This weekend, Beers Made By Walking and the Forest Park Conservancy are serving up a series of place-based beers and cider that are inspired by the trails of Portland’s Forest Park. The tapping takes place at four different bars in SE Portland on October 10, from 12-5pm. Proceeds from the beer are donated to Forest Conservancy.

The featured beers come directly from a collaboration with the Forest Park Conservancy, which sent experts to lead monthly public hikes with brewers in Forest Park. Each brewer was challenged to make beer inspired by the plants from the trail. The beers/cider you will taste on October 10 include ingredients such as licorice fern, dandelion, cedar, wild berries, Oregon grape (the stout flower), grand fir, and much more.

Here is a list of beers and their respective bars for the event this Saturday. Additional information about the event, including information about an optional walking tour between pubs is available here.

Bazi Bierbrasserie - 1522 SE 32nd Ave. Portland

Base Camp Brewing

Forest Park Wild Yeast Barrel Aged 'Shroomed Pilgrimage Saison - Saison aged in a rum barrel that previously held our lager and candy cap mushrooms, fermented with a wild yeast from the Ancient Forest Preserve, an old growth forest owned by Forest Park Conservancy. 7.6%, 12 IBUs

The Commons Brewery

Tinderbox - Saison with redwood bows, cedar bows & pine smoked tea. 4.6%, 11 IBU

High Street Homebrew Club

HSHC Spruce Lee - Simcoe hops heighten the citrus taste that both contrasts and compliments the aromatic spruce tip addition. This beer was brewed commercially at Portland U-Brew. 6.8%, 74 IBU

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Samsara - Belgian Pale with licorice fern, wild ginger, and extra light maple syrup. Inspired by the falling path of a Maple whirlybird. 5.3%, 15 IBU

10 Barrel Brewing

Sweet Chariot - Belgian style fruit beer that was soured in the kettle with lactobacillus culture, fermented with sweet cherries and Belgian yeast. 6.0%, 8 IBU

Belmont Station - 4500 SE Stark St. Portland

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Cedarcalifragilisticexpialidocious - Western Red Cedar tips, love, and a little bit of magic. Hoppy red ale brewed with cedar. 6.3% / 76 IBU

Laurelwood Brewing

There Gose the Neighborhood - Gose is an old wheat beer style that uses Lactobacillus bacteria, coriander and salt. We were inspired by berries on our walk this year for Beers Made by Walking and decided to add one of our favorite berries, strawberries. 5.1%, 8 IBU

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Newtown Hawthorne - Newtown Pippin cider with Hawthorne berries, Dandelion root, Burdock root and Cedar chip bag garnish. 7.9%

Upright Brewing

Barrel Aged Six - A blend of two casks, one that formerly held our barleywine, and before that rum, and before that bourbon. The second cask was used for nocino (walnut liquor). We added a poplar bud tincture gives the blend a distinct character that goes well with the cask associated flavors. 7.2%, 20 IBU

Horse Brass Pub - 4534 SE Belmont St. Portland

Burnside Brewing / Coalition Brewing Collaboration

Bustin’ Grapes - Tart Gruit bittered with Oregon Grape root and back sweetened with local pinot noir grapes. No hops added, bittered with Oregon Grape root. 6.2%, 0 IBU

Humble Brewing

Trail Time - Saison brewed with Hawthorn berries and lemon balm tea. 4.7%, 43 IBU

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Wandering Brewers Bitter - An Extra Special Bitter inspired by Portland’s Forest Park. 4.6%, 51 IBU

Likewise Bar - 3564 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland

Ecliptic Brewing

Cedar Canopus - Our Canopus IPA aged on Western Red Cedar. 6.8%, 70 IBU

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Morning Brew - A light bodied, malty beverage to accompany you on any morning stroll through the woods. A hint of black malt along with vanilla leaf adds to the complexity of every sip. 5%, 10 IBU

Hopworks Urban Brewery

The Situationist Regional - Get lost with this Strong Ale, brewed with tips from Western Hemlock, Doug Fir, Grand Fir, and Cedar. 6.2%, 50 IBU

Widmer Brothers Brewing - TBA

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