Monday, September 7, 2015

Ex Novo Brewing Company - Dynamic Duo IIPA

Ex Novo is a different kind of brewery. It's a non-profit brewery and after paying costs, they donate their profits to humanitarian causes. Here's what Ex Novo's own website says about their mission...

We make money from food and beer…and then give it away. It’s that simple. After covering our costs and building a small reserve fund, we distribute all of our net profits evenly amongst our partner organizations. Once we’ve reached our commitment to our partners we’ll reassess and potentially add new ones. So, when you drink from our taps or eat from our kitchen, you’re helping us help others. Thanks for that. Seriously.

How flippin' awesome is that? I'd say pretty damn flippin' awesome. Out of the dozens of breweries in the Portland metro area, this is the only one that donates all of their profits to some amazing organizations. And these are real-time, important causes that need the help, like MercyCorps, an organization that is bringing relief to suffering Syrian refugees as - I - type - this.

It also helps that Ex Novo brews some solid beer, and the food in their brew pub is excellent. I previously reviewed the pub HERE, and I highly recommend you pay them a visit ASAP. Today, I was excited to find a bomber of Ex Novo brew in the cold case at QFC. I believe it set me back $5.99. Dynamic Duo is an imperial IPA brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops. (I believe a previous version was brewed with Citra and Chinooks.) The label reported an ABV of 8.0% and 70 IBU's. I gotta say up front, Cascades are my favorite hops. I grow them in my yard every year and they make my taste buds do a happy dance in my mouth. Let's see how this brew does back there near my uvula...

The beer poured from bomber to pint glass a clear, golden amber color with a bright, white head. The head rose up to an inch high and quickly dissipated. A light ring was left around the glass, but no significant lacing was seen. 

Aroma was sweet caramel malt and a big snoot full of citrus hops. Orange and lemon. I didn't have to sneak up on this beer to get a whiff of those hops. It was right there when I picked up the pint. Yoink!

Taste followed the nose. Not what I would describe as dank at all. Flavors of orange and lemon citrus and a big, bitter hops pucker. This one gave my salivary glands a little sting. Nice! Pleasant, sweet, earthy malt taste remained after the bitter hops began to subside. Good hops/malt balance was achieved, despite the aggressive hoppiness.

Medium mouthfeel with surprising, lively carbonation. A moderate amount of pinpoint bubbles could be seen rising up the glass throughout the entire drink.

Overall, this is a damn delicious IIPA. Some IIPA's are just too overbearing. Thick and viscous. Dynamic Duo is an amazingly easy drink. Semi-dry finish but with some residual juiciness. Bitter hops and smooth malt flavors competed for attention on my palate at the end. I LOVE!

I enjoy a beer that makes me salivate and savor every sip. This version of Dynamic Duo works for me. Just excellent and I'm going to go back to the store for another bomber. I'm giving Dynamic Duo IIPA a BeerGuyPDX rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4. I love it. No Droolie, only because the Wonder Beagle is snoozing on Benadryl (she's sick with an ear infection), otherwise, she would probably attack me for a whiff of this brew!

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