Friday, August 14, 2015

PDX: Brew City

Brew City? F**k yeah!
Tomorrow, two incredibly intrepid fellows are going to attempt what I think may be the impossible: visit all 77 Portland breweries in one day! That is one helluva ambitious brewery tour! My gawd! My liver is starting to ache just thinking about it! But this apparently isn't anything new for these two brewventurers.

In 2009, John Lovegrove and Thom Roholt set out to visit every Portland-area brewery in a single day. They visited 34 breweries and documented the experience in a short film. CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube.

In 2012, they visited 50 breweries in one day.

This year, they are hoping to make their biggest brewery crawl ever into a documentary called PDX: Brew City. They even set up an Indiegogo to help fund their trip. I do believe I donated five bucks, which entitled me to a PDF listing all of the stops and arrival times at each and every brewery. It looks like they will have about five minutes at each stop. I hope they've made arrangements for folks to hand them cups of beer from the curbside because this is going to be quite a marathon!

I've lived in Portland for six years and I haven't visited each and every brewery in town. Well, actually, looking at the list, I do believe I have visited almost all of them. Dang, I drink a lot of beer.

Good luck, brewery visiting dudes, John and Thom! I hope to wave howdy to you at your second stop!


  1. What is the purpose of this? How does this promote the great name of Portland craft breweries and all that they have done to make Portland the front runner in the craft brewing industry?
    Looks more like an excuse for a pub crawl with someone else paying - having watched the last some what amateurish video (in my opinion) of this from back in 2009!!! it seems like a celebration of one mans attempt to get drunk and ends with him throwing up.
    Does nothing to promote or enhance the hard work of all us local craft brewers!!

    1. That's kind of like asking why the Unipiper wears a Darth Vader mask, or why we just set a world record for eating breakfast in bed in Pioneer Courthouse Square, or why we are going to see an Adult Soapbox Derby at Mt. Tabor today. The answer is "this is Portland!" The freak flag flies high here. Not everything requires a higher purpose, or any purpose at all. Lighten up, Anonymous, it's just some dudes out having fun and being stupid. Glenn Beck says we're the worst city in America and I thank the Fates he's right!