Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Breakside Brewery - Post Time Kölsch

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Man, oh, man, oh, man! What a hot summer we are having here in Portland, OR-A-GUN! Today, our 98 degree heat broke a record that was set in 1940 at a mere 93. So far this summer, we've had 25 days where-in the temperature hit above 90. It's crazy! My Cascade hops are almost ready for plucking off the bines. Anybody else ready for some fresh hop homebrew...in August?  

This hot weather has me craving lighter, crisper, easier drinking beers. Gratefully, Portland craft brewers were more than ready for the extreme thirst quenching need that this scorching heat has wrought upon the citizenry of Stumptown. There's an abundance of local pilsners, kölsches and wits in the cold cases right now--many of them in convenient, easy to chill cans. Good job, Portland brewers! Good job!

This weekend, I pulled a pounder of Breakside Brewery's Post Time Kölsch off the shelf at New Seasons. I was planning on grilling some steaks on the trusty ol' Weber and needed a good BBQ brew. Breakside rarely--if ever--disappoints me, so I plopped that can into my basket with zero trepidation.

The beer poured from can to glass a clear, effervescent, straw yellow color with a bright, white, bubbly head. The head made it up to about a 1/2 inch tall and dissipated quickly. A thin ring was left behind. Lots of pinpoint carbonation streamed up from the bottom of the glass throughout the entire drink.

Aroma was lemony citrus and light, bready, biscuity, cereal grains. Herbal and floral notes.

Taste followed the nose. Crisp, fruity notes of white grape and pear. Mild citrus hops bitterness. Very clean. Highly quaffable. No hint of alcohol noted in this 5% ABV beer.

Light body and lively carbonation. Just what I would expect from the style. Nothing off-putting at all. I could easily drink a cooler of this stuff before the steaks reached medium rare. Nice!

Overall, this is a tasty, tasty, beer that I would welcome down my gullet on any hot, summer day. I'm giving Post Time Kölsch a respectable BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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