Friday, July 10, 2015

Loyal Legion Now Open in SE PDX

I got 99 taps and a tip ain't one...
I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Loyal Legion, the latest craft beer emporium in PDX. Loyal Legion is located on my side of the Willamette and very close to my office. I raced over to SE 6th and Alder immediately after I got off work today at 3:30PM--unfortunately, the door didn't open until 4. Sadness. I stood outside with my greasy forehead pressed against the window for about five minutes before shuffling off.

Never fear, there was another bar close by where I could cool my heels until Loyal Legion opened...come on! This is Portland! No shortage of spots to get your drink on is this burg! Of course, that observation brings up some very pertinent questions: 1) Is there room in town for yet another taproom? And 2) is Loyal Legion different enough to...make a difference?

Loyal Legion is certainly different in one respect, and I wrote about that last month. Loyal Legion is tip-less. Yup, no tipping allowed. I also found out today that it is also a cash only establishment. Yes, there's an ATM on premises, but it is best to arrive with your pockets stuffed full of moolah. I ran out of sawbucks very quickly. Considering that tips are not accepted, the prices are very reasonable. All beers are six bucks before 10PM. That includes every beer, regardless of the serving size. A frosty 18 oz. mug of lager is the same price as a petite snifter of saison.

When I arrived back at Loyal Legion at 4:02, there was already quite a sizable crowd inside. My buddy Brian and I probably snagged the last two seats at the very large, horseshoe shaped bar. Wow! Lots of people had the same idea I did.

Loyal Legion just opened a hot minute ago, so I wasn't expecting perfect service. The place was completely slammed as soon as they turned the lights on. I was impressed to find owner Kurt Huffman behind the bar pouring beers right along with his harried crew. He took a few minutes to talk to me, which I really appreciated. Kurt is very proud of the tap lines at Loyal Legion--and there are 99 of them. All Oregon beers. My kind of place.

While I sipped on a nice, cold, massive mug of Hop Valley Brewing's Light Me Up Lager, I was advised that the actual tap list was being printed nearby. When the list finally arrived on the bar, I found it to be quite local, very eclectic and as long as my arm--well, it was two full pages and printed on both sides. 

The huge selection and the fact that it's an All-Oregon line-up will certainly bring me back into Loyal Legion soon. Perhaps tomorrow. I did not get the chance to try the food, but the menu looked good. Lots of brats, sausages and such provided by Olympia Provisions. Score! That's my kind of pub grub! (Linderman, okay?)

All-in-all, I believe that Loyal Legion will be a perfect addition to the Portland taproom line-up. It is just different enough to provide a unique beer drinking experience for picky Stumptown natives and tourists alike. See you there!

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