Friday, July 3, 2015

Bike 'N' Beer Accessories

My bike's better than your bike, my bike's better than your's...
After five years in Portland, the bicycling bug finally bit me. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. People love their bikes in this burg. For many Portlanders, life on two wheels is almost a religion. Folks are damn serious about their bikes and bike commuting. The Portlandia skit with Spike the rabid cyclist is pretty much a documentary... I'm on a bike!

I got rid of my car four years ago and I've depended on the the semi-reliable public transportation system (Trimet) to get around town ever since. NO! I did not get a DUI and lose my driver's license! Beer Guy PDX DOES NOT drink and drive, and neither should you! I've been sincerely trying my best to leave a smaller footprint on this planet and just couldn't justify owning and maintaining two cars for our two person household.

Now that I've finally bought myself a decent commuter bike, I can't believe I waited so long! Bicycling is AWESOME! I love it! It's almost as much fun as drinking beer! Of course, there's no responsible way to completely meld my two hobbies. Drinking and bicycle riding do not mix. Don't drink and RIDE. Drinking and bicycle maintenance also do not mix. However, I have been enjoying tricking out my bike with all kinds of cool upgrades. When will it stop? Maybe NEVER. There are quite a few fantastic beer-related ACCESSORIES that I've discovered that I MUST own. I can't wait to upgrade my bike with these...

1) Growler Cage - Yes, it is giant-ass water bottle cage that is humongous enough to hold a 64 ounce growler!

Check out the website HERE.

Now, I don't know if I would ever really need to transport a growler full of beer attached to the frame of my bike, but just knowing that I could, if I wanted to, is good enough for me.

The Growler Cage is encased in a waterproof neoprene sleeve that helps hold the growler securely. It fits in place of any water bottle cage and has an adjustable, sliding mount, It comes in a wide variety of colors and is in made in the US of A. Yay, 'MURICA!

A Growler Cage will set you back $55.00 and you can purchase one with PayPal. I'm trying to decide between the red or the black.

2) Wisecracker Seat Post Bottle Opener - Here's the scenario: You're pedaling through the park and spot your friends glumly hunkered around a picnic table--a six pack of fine Oregon craft beer sitting in front of them, unopened.

"What's the matter, my sad, beer buddies?" says you.

"Ah, maaaaaaan! We forgot to bring a bottle opener and now we're really, really thirsty!" whines your pathetic pal.


How heroic is that? Very. The Wisecracker comes with a cheaper headset mounted version, too, but I don't like the idea of somebody yanking around on my headset. The seat post mounted version seems less...breaky to me.

You can purchase the Wisecracker on Amazon for $22.00, plus $5.00 shipping.

3) Beer Bottle Cap Valve Stem Caps - Seriously, why just cap your valve stems with those boring little plastic caps when you can cap them with BEER BOTTLE CAPS?

These are pretty flipping awesome, if you ask me.

One set of caps (that's two caps--one for each wheel) costs $10.00.

Honestly, if you're a particularly crafty individual with a regular supply of beer caps, you could probably make a set of these for yourself, but I'm not, so I won't.

These handcrafted marvels are available on Etsy. Click HERE.

4) Beer Gauge Level Helmet Sticker - My bike helmet is a cheapo, matte black thing I picked up at Fred Meyer. When I bought it, the clerk scoffed and asked me if I wanted to "wear it out." I believe he was insinuating that it was a darn ugly piece of crap.

Wouldn't that snarky clerk be impressed if he saw this nifty beer gauge level sticker affixed to my no longer dorky skull cooler? I'm thinking yes.

This sticker is made from high quality vinyl and can be easily removed once applied. 

Made in the USA!

Only $4.99 with FREE shipping from Amazon

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