Sunday, July 26, 2015

Backwoods Brewing Company - Ridge Run Stout

Run for the border - of
Washington, that is...
Right now, I'm supposed to be penning my masterpiece review of the glorious 2015 Oregon Brewers Festival. Unfortunately, life's little surprises landed in me in the hospital for almost the entire duration of the event. Arrrrrgh! I hear that it was a total blast and that everybody had a great time. F...uh...fantastic for you, folks! Never mind me laid up in Legacy Emmanuel with all kinds of tubes and wires sticking out of me; Nurse Ratchet trying to stick yet another needle into my pincushion arms. That was freaking awesome!

Hey, I'm just joshin' ya. I'm so glad to be home and I'm well on my way to recovery. I'm hobblin' around with a cane, but I can still review a beer! Mind you, I can't DRINK the whole thing, but I can definitely get enough of a taste to form a semi-coherent opinion.

For my inaugural, new lease on life beer review, I've selected Backwoods Brewing Company's Ridge Run Stout. Wow! I'm glad I did! This delicious brew could probably raise Lazarus from the dead! It's that tasty.

The beer poured from bomber into my lil' stout glass a deep, dark mahogany--almost black--color, with a creamy, cocoa brown head. The head rose up to a finger thick and dissipated at a moderate rate. A spotty cap of lacing was left behind. What a pretty brew!

Aroma was amazing. Cocoa, coffee and a subtle, creamy vanilla scent up front. Roasted malt. Hints of molasses and toffee.

Dang! This stout tasted even better than it smelled! Everything the nose foretold was present and accounted for, but there was also an appreciable mild hops bitterness in the mix, too. As it warmed, a very pleasant smokiness made it's presence known. Delicious! Wish I could drink the whole bomber and I assure you that as soon as I get the doctor's okay, I'll be doing just that!

Medium to full mouthfeel. Fantastic balance all the way around and I do believe I have a new favorite stout! Buy this one! Wow, I bet it would make a wonderful beer float with coffee ice cream, too! I'm giving Ridge Run Stout a BeerGuyPDX rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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