Saturday, June 27, 2015

Portland International Beerfest 2015

It's a Beer, Beer, Beer. Beer World...
I attended day one of the Portland International Beerfest yesterday. That wasn't very difficult for me to accomplish, since my office is a block away from the venue. I just strolled on over after quittin' time at 3:30PM.

This festival was previously held in the Park Blocks downtown, but moved to Holladay Park in the Lloyd District last year. It's a great spot for the event, in my opinion. Holladay Park is right on the MAX line and there are stops for the popular 8 and 70 buses in close proximity, too. Tons of free parking provided by Lloyd Center makes this perhaps the most easily accessible beer festival in Stumptown.

The park itself is filled with many massive shade trees, which keeps this outside venue as cool as possible. That's probably the very best thing about the Portland International Beerfest being held at Holladay Park this weekend, with temperatures expected to climb up into the 100's. It was certainly warm enough yesterday afternoon, but I had no problem finding spots in the shade. The festival organizers thoughtfully set up a few sprinklers in strategic spots throughout the park, allowing appropriately dressed festival goers to soak themselves thoroughly.

Many unique beers can be found at this festival. Check out the tap list HERE. Admission to the grounds is FREE, which is great if you are a designated driver (please don't drink and drive) or someone in your group doesn't drink beer. A number of food carts are scattered throughout the park, selling pretzels, burgers, brats, gyros, etc.

The drinking package at the festival is $25 and includes a tasting glass and 10 taster tickets. Additional tickets can be had for a buck each. Beware, however, that at this fest most of the beers cost more than one ticket for a 4 oz. taster. In fact, I only spotted a handful of one ticket beers. Most were two or three tickets and some were as much as five, so this can be one pricey beer festival. On the upside, there are a lot of beers that you won't find at any other fest. Lots of European entries that are pretty expensive on store shelves, too. 

This is a cash only festival, but I saw at least three ATM machines in the park. You might want to save yourself some time in line and bring a pocket full of money. If you don't have air conditioning, the Portland International Beerfest could be your best bet to beat the heat this weekend--other than the Naked Bike Ride, of course. Dress for the heat, wear a hat, hydrate, and ENJOY!

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