Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Barrel-aged Cider Releases: Raven & Rose and Rev. Nat's Hard Cider Collaboration

On June 25, Mr. Dave Shenaut from Raven & Rose and Nat West from Reverend Nat's Hard Cider are releasing the fruits of a months-long collaboration: Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Revival Cider and Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Sacrilage Sour Cherry Cider.

Firsts of their kind, these ciders are aged in Eagle Rare Bourbon barrels that Dave selected among others as part of Raven & Rose's single barrel program — because every barrel imparts different characteristics to the spirit that ages in it, Dave and his team go through a long process to select the barrels that best fits the flavor profile they're seeking.

To showcase the role the barrels play in determining the final flavor profile of the two new ciders, the Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Revival will be served alongside a glass of bourbon from the same barrel. While the Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Sacrilege Sour Cherry will be served mixed to the bourbon in an Old Fashioned Stone Fence.

Where: Rookery Bar, 1331 SW Broadway, Portland
When: June 25, from 6:00 pm to close — Owner and Brew Master Nat West taps the barrels at 6:00 pm
Cost: $10 for the cider and bourbon pairing | $10 for the cider cocktail

Rev. Nat and Dave Shenaut collaboratin'
(photo courtesy of Watershed Communications)
The journey of the barrels: 
Eagle Rare Distillery, in Kentucky, sends samples of six different bourbon barrels to Shenaut's team
Raven & Rose's bartenders select the barrel that fits best the flavor profile they are after
The OLCC ships the selected barrel from the distillery to Portland
The bourbon is bottled in 750 ml bottles available for on-premises consumption at the Rookery and for purchase at Liquor stores around Portland with Raven&Rose & Eagle Rare's logos
Dave sends the barrel to Rev Nat's who uses the barrel to age his cider for 4.5 months
Nat runs the cider through a coarse-micron filter to grab any barrel bits
Nat bottles 7 cases of 750 ml bottles and fills 2 half-barrels
June 28, 2015: Release!! (Will the barrels come back to Raven & Rose to be part of the decor? We'll see!)

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