Saturday, May 30, 2015

Portland Beer Stories by Steven Shomler

Behind every great beer, there's a
great story...
Steven Shomler is a writer, radio host (and brand new brewery co-owner) based right here in my awesome hometown, Portland, Oregon. In addition to being an all-around great guy, Steven knows a lot about Portland food and drink. Seriously, I see this guy tweeting so much about the amazing eateries and pubs he visits, I often wonder if he has a cadre of clones out there working it for him. Steven also finds time to write books, and cook his kids breakfast every morning, so he pretty much makes the Energizer Bunny look like a slacker.

Steven's first book Portland Food Cart Stories captured the behind-the-scenes flavor (see what I did there) of Portland's very unique curbside eateries. For his second book, Steven decided to provide the same type of anecdotal focus on Portland's flourishing beer scene. Hey, there are many reasons why those in the know refer to Portland as Brewvana, and now you can read all about it!

Portland Beer Stories is scheduled for publication next week. If you are a lover of Portland craft beer, like me, this book is a MUST. I have a special spot picked out for my copy. It's going in my library, right between Beer for Dummies and Charlie Papazian's The Homebrewer's Companion. I'm not kidding.

Portland Beer Stories will be available in paperback at quality bookstores everywhere, and on Amazon HERE. A lot went into this book and I can't wait to read the personal stories of some of Portland's most influential brewers and beer personalities. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot to mention another reason why you should get this book: I contributed to it! Yup, you'll find a brief essay written by your's truly, Wolf Linderman on page 105.

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