Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gigantic Brewing Company - White Light White Heat White IPA

Go into the light?
Has this ever happened to you? I found something new in the cold case at Freddie's today. I grabbed up the bomber and excitedly turned around to show it to my wife, and she was...gone. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to pick out a beer. Jeesh, I couldn't have been standing there staring at the brewskis for more than 20 minutes. The stranger I presented the bottle to instead was not impressed, in fact, I believe she was a little frightened. Sorry, stranger lady. I'm also sorry you picked up that six pack of mega crap beer.

The beer I found was Gigantic Brewing Company's White Light White Heat. I believe White Light White Heat is the title of a Velvet Underground album. There's a quote from Lou Reed on the label:

"Watch out, the world's behind you."

Gigantic is so rock and roll. That's cool. White Light White Heat is a "White IPA". It comes with an ABV of 8.2% and the bomber set me back $7.99.

The beer poured into my IPA glass a clear, bright, orange color with a foamy, off-white head. The head rose up to almost two fingers thick and dissipated slowly. Loads of clumpy lacing stuck around throughout the entire drink. Quite a lovely looking beer.

Aroma was citrus hops: tangerine and Mandarin orange. Tropical fruit: pineapple and guava. Light, bready malt.

Taste followed the nose. Spicy, herbal notes. Cardamom and cloves. Belgian yeast. Surprisingly little hint of alcohol.

Medium mouthfeel with excellent carbonation. Smooth, semi-dry finish. Mild hops bitterness lingered on the palate at the end along with the pleasant Belgian spice and lasting fruit flavors. Yum!

Overall, this is a very different Belgian-style IPA. Very easy to drink but with a ton of flavor. I like it. The Wonder Beagle also went nutso over the smell. Good stuff! I'm giving White Light White Heat a BeerGuyPDX score of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie.

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