Monday, April 27, 2015

Laurelwood Brewing Company - Green Mammoth Imperial IPA

An IIPA of mammoth proportions?
Do you know what I love about living in Portland? Yes, I do love all of the wonderful, fantastical beers that seem to just drop from the sky, and I believe I've made that abundantly clear, but I also love the dedicated beer drinkers in this burg. Seriously, you can run into a beer fanatic just about anywhere in Portland. Right out of the blue, when you least expect it, you'll find yourself engaged in a deep conversation about beer with someone who absolutely knows what he or she is talking about, and not just in a bar. In a coffee shop, the dentist's office, the laundrymat; beer lovers are everywhere in Stumptown!

Just the other day, I found a bomber of Laurelwood Brewing Company's Green Mammoth Imperial IPA in the cold case at Grocery Outlet. I think it was five bucks. Score! When I brought it up to the register, the cashier asked me what I thought about it. I advised him that it would be my second time drinking it and he subsequently launched into an in-depth comparison of Green Mammoth to Laurelwood's Green Elephant IPA and Megafauna IIPA. See what I mean? People in Portland know their beer. 

"Slow it down there, Mr. Cicerone. You're putting my eggs on the bottom of the bag," I said. Well, not really, but that would have been cool...if I had thought of it. Anyway, what do I think about Green Mammoth, you ask?

The beer poured into my glass a clear, deep, golden orange hue. The bright, white, creamy head rose up to more than two fingers thick. Retention was impressive. Chunks and clumps of copious lacing were left behind all over the glass.

Aroma was hops and more hops. Citrus, pine and tropical fruit all mixed together in a delightful, hoppy symphony of smell. Caramel malt lurked in the background.

Taste followed the nose to a tee. Yum. Grapefruit, orange and tangerine citrus. Enough bitter hops zing to give the salivary glands a poke, but nothing too wild. Tropical fruit. Guava and some pineapple. Tasty, clean malt flavor. Just a hint of the alcohol contained in this 9% ABV brew.

Medium mouthfeel with good carbonation. Surprisingly smooth finish. What an amazing, easy drinker, considering the true IIPA pedigree. Bready malt and resinous pine hops flavors were left in a very balanced tussle on my palate at the end. Nice!

Overall, this is my kind of IIPA. Perfect for me. Laurelwood never disappoints, especially when it's an IPA in my glass. Here's another flawless rating: 4 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie. Merry the Wonder Beagle gave it a puddle of approval.

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