Thursday, April 23, 2015

Buoy Beer Company - Czech-Style Pilsner

It's a Buoy!
Make no mistake, I am a totally devoted to the craft beer brewed right here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. I live smack-dab in the middle of this amazing beer mecca. If you know anything about Portland, you know that there is no shortage of world class breweries for me visit. Dozens are mere minutes from the front steps of Casa de Wolfgang, and I frequent most of them, as this little blog can testify. However, I do get the itch to travel from time to time, and when I do, there are many other fantastic beer towns to be found in this state that I very much enjoy.

Astoria, Oregon is a coastal city that I never get tired of visiting. Not only is it a beauty of a town, situated on the mouth of the Columbia River, it has a magnificent beer culture all it's own--and it's growing. One of the most recent additions to Astoria's jewel-studded craft beer crown is Buoy Beer Company. They make some mighty fine ales and lagers. Tonight, I'm happy to be drinking one of the latter: Buoy Czech-Style Pilsner. 6.2% ABV and 32 IBU. My good friend Chris at spotted me a bomber along with a big bag of swag from the recent Craft Brewers Conference held here in Portland. Thanks, Chris!

The beer poured into my pilsner glass a clear, golden yellow color with a bright, white, foamy head. The head rose up to almost two fingers thick and dissipated quickly. Minimal, spotty lacing was left behind. Pinpoint carbonation rose up from the bottom of the glass throughout the entire drink. Quite a beautiful beer.

Aroma was light lemony, grassy hops and bready malt.

Taste was mildly bitter, lemony hops. A little spicy, herbal bite. Biscuity, bready malt.

Medium mouthfeel with appropriate lively carbonation but with a pleasant creaminess on the finish. Both hops and malt flavors were left behind on the palate at the end. Clean, crisp with plenty of taste.

Overall, this is probably one of the very best American pilsners I've ever tasted. Lovely stuff! I could drink it all day and I really wish I had more than one bottle. The Wonder Beagle is drooling up a puddle for it, too. I'll see you the next time I'm in Astoria, Buoy Beer Company!

I'm giving this brew a very respectable Beer Guy PDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie.

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