Monday, December 1, 2014

Lompoc Brewing - Pamplemousse Citrus IPA

A grapefruit by any other name...
I always thought the name "grapefruit" was a weird name for that big, sour citrus. What the hell does it have to do with grape? The grapefruit is absolutely non-grape-y. What could possibly be a weirder name? How about what the French call it: PAMPLEMOUSSE. Whaaaaaaa? Sounds like Beetlejuice. Pamplemousse. Wow.

Pamplemousse is also the name that Lompoc Brewing has bestowed on their citrus IPA. Hey, I do like my IPA's loaded with lots of grapefruit-y pucker power. I guess in this case, it's Pamplemousse-y pucker.

The beer comes with a respectable 5.8% ABV. The label advises that it is "a shining example of a traditional Northwest IPA" with 70 IBU's. Let's see how it does on my taste buds.

The beer poured into my glass a slightly hazy, golden orange color. The fluffy, clumpy, white head rose up to more than a finger thick and stuck around for a long time. Chunks of thick, webby lacing coated the glass throughout the entire drink.

Aroma delivered what the label promised. A big nose full of citrus hops. Grapefruit and orange. A tinge of pine. Mild, sweet malt aroma in the background.

Taste followed the nose. Citrus. Grapefruit, lemon and orange. What I did not expect was a very pleasant, spicy, herbal, peppery note. Excellent hops, malt balance. No pronounced alcohol taste. Great flavor.

Medium mouthfeel with excellent carbonation. Very drinkable. The  flavor drops off a bit quickly at the end, which is not a problem. Another sip brings that clean citrus flavor right back.

Overall, this is a great everyday IPA. Hop bombs have their place, but sometimes you just want a solid, dependable IPA that doesn't overpower your pizza or chili dog. Know what I'm saying? Pamplemousse is a perfect lunch or dinner IPA. The Wonder Beagle went crazy over the aroma of this one. Only a few, select beers will make her bold enough to try to steal a taste. She is now completely blind, but her beagle nose had no problem hunting down the Pamplemousse IPA. Whew! I almost lost it!

Pamplemousse IPA gets a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie. Good stuff!

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