Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fish Tale Brewing Company - The Hobbit: Bolg Belgian Style Tripel

That's what I'm Tolkien about...
A while back, somebody put out a series of Game of Throne beers. I tried them at a beer tasting. Not really something I'd be excited to buy, but I guess beer geekiness and fantasy fiction geekiness go hand in hand. I mean, you have to be drunk to strap a claymore to your belt, throw an Ermine cape over your shoulders and wander around a convention center in a pair of tights. Right? Am I right?

The other day, I was pushing a shopping cart down the beer aisle of my local Fred Meyer store and what should my craggy, old eyes spy? Hobbit beer! Yup, three different varieties of Tolkien-esque brews: a Smaug inspired stout, a Golem themed pils, and a Bolg Belgian-style tripel. Interesting. I considered the options for a few minutes and opted for the Bolg. It set me back $8.99. Not exactly cheap.

The beer poured into my glass a slightly hazy, golden orange color with a bubbly, white head. The head came up to about a 1/2 inch high and dissipated quickly. A light ring was left behind. Pinpoint bubbles of carbonation could be seen rising from the bottom of the glass throughout the drink.

Aroma was Belgian yeast and spices up front. Floral and fruity. Stone fruit. Bananas and clove. Bready, biscuity malt in the background.

Taste followed the nose. Not incredibly complex. Nothing offensive, either. Slightly astringent. A reasonable facsimile of a Belgian tripel.

Medium mouthfeel with medium carbonation. A bit of warmth on the finish. Belgian spices and biscuity malt flavors left behind at the end.

Overall, this is a decent beer. I'm thinking the kitschy Hobbit theme would put off as many people as it might attract. For slightly more than the price of admission, many superior, authentic Belgian tripels can be had. Nevertheless, if you're a huge Hobbit fanatic, you'll probably want to get this beer in your belly while it's still on the shelf. I'm giving Bolg a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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