Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brannon's Pub and Brewery Now Open In Beaverton

Many of us snooty Portland metro urban dwellers consider the nearby city of Beaverton to be your stereotypical suburb. Lots of single family homes. Low crime. Decent schools. Strip malls. Olive Garden. Lots of moms in minivans. Yeah, we give 'em a hard time, but it's all in good, mean fun. Beaverton is also 100% Oregon, which means the city is chock full of craft beer lovers--craft beer lovers who now have one less reason to schlep through the tunnel into PDX for some tasty, tasty beer.

Brannon's Pub and Brewery just opened their doors for business last Friday. I was lucky enough to be invited to sample their food and beer line-up last night, and I was pretty darn impressed by both menus. Great pub grub and solid beer.

The pub is located in a building near The Round, in the space that was once occupied by the kinda creepy, never open Blue Iguana. What a renovation and quite an upgrade for the area! The pub is a large, open, family-friendly place with dozens of flat screen TV's for watching sports and/or keeping the kiddos entertained. 

The decor is what I would call "subdued steampunk". There's a beautiful central bar and a huge private room that can be reserved for special events. There's even a little game room. Of course, my favorite room was the brewery. Bright, shiny tanks fill a sparkling, new facility that is overseen by Head Brewer Devin Benware. The tanks are filled with an assortment of the usual suspects: an IPA, a NW pale ale, a stout, an Imperial red, a black IPA and a golden ale. Happily, I found the beer to be much more than the pedestrian offerings one might expect from a fledgling brew pub. At 26, Devin is probably the youngest head brewer in the greater Portland area, however, he clearly has a depth of talent beyond his years. He's brewing some damn good beer and I'm looking forward to the creative future brews he has planned. 

I really like the Benzonator Black IPA. That's a style that can sometimes be hit and miss, in my opinion. This one is a hit. Big, roasted malt, balanced with a perfect, bitter hops bite. Delicious!

Brannon's is named after owner Kevin Brannon, a craft beer pioneer who is getting a "do over" of sorts with this latest venture. After selling his first very successful brewery and taking an early retirement, Kevin obviously can't stay away from the craft beer biz. I was impressed with his story but even more impressed with the passion he has for brewing. Let's just say I saw his eyes twinkle when he was talking about beer. I swear to god, they actually TWINKLED!

Did I mention the food yet? Yeah, it's good. I highly recommend the wings and the ribs. The pizza is excellent, too. Oh, and the fried mac and cheese balls! Go get yourself some!

Excellent pub grub!
Brannon's Pub and Brewery is located at 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Ste. 200-C, Beaverton, OR 97005. 

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