Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First National Taphouse - Portland

If beer is your kind of currency...
First National Taphouse is the newest beer bar in Portland. I just spent two consecutive evenings at the place, so you could correctly assume that I really like it there--a lot. And what's not to like? It's a craft beer emporium!

The taproom is definitely upscale. The decor is an appropriate mix of pub standard and modern industrial. Warm wood, eclectic fixtures and contiguous roll-up garage doors that I imagine will provide an awesome open air space when the weather is warm. Of course, they just opened in September, so I also imagine they won't be rolling up those doors for a while, but I look forward to spending some summer afternoons at FNTH.

There are 30 taps behind the bar and a wall of cold cases containing dozens of craft beer bottles. The draft beer prices run from $3.50 or $5.00 for a 10 oz. goblet to $5.50 or $7.00 for a pint. Some beers are also available in a 20 oz. imperial pint for $6.50. Not particular inexpensive, but not too crazy, either. Happy hour runs from 4 to 6:30 and from 9 to close on Sunday through Wednesday. I was quite pleased with the HH menu. Some very tasty snacks at decent prices. $3 Beer Fries, for example. I highly recommend the Tikka Masala Sweets: five bucks for a good sized plate of sweet potato fries topped with chicken curry. Enough to share for two. Delicious!

There are a number of amazing taprooms in PDX with 30+ taps, but not many with decent food. First National Taproom is going to fill in that gap quite nicely. They already passed a big test for me: I was able to take my wife to FNTH with zero complaint. Don't get me wrong! My wife is not a complainer. She just isn't a big beer fan (seriously, can you imagine?) and she appreciates a place with a full bar and a full lunch/dinner menu. They have it all FNTH. Extremely friendly service, too. I felt like an honored guest during both of my recent visits. Top notch customer service in PDX? Imagine that! ;-)

Located at the corner of SW 5th and College, First National Taphouse is close the PSU campus and is very easy to reach by bus and the MAX green and yellow lines. There is also an ample amount of parking nearby. Most of the surrounding pay lots appear to charge $3 for an evening. 

PDX 1962 SW 5th Ave 
Portland, Oregon 97201

See you there!

30 taps with a wide selection of styles
Nice selection of bottles, too
First National Taphouse's house brew:
Banker's Blonde by Vertigo Brewing

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