Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Salt & Straw - Apricots and Citra Hops

Hey, you got hops in my ice cream!
Hey, you got ice cream in my hops!
I'm certain you've heard of Salt & Straw, otherwise, you've been living all alone... under a giant toadstool... deep in an Oregon forest... cut off from all human contact. I'm sure you know that Salt & Straw is a purveyor of the most magnificent craft ice cream in the Pacific Northwest--perhaps even the world.

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my waistline, Salt & Straw is right here in my neighborhood. They used to have a little push cart right near the same NE Alberta Street location that is now their flagship brick and mortar. Whenever I saw that cart on my way home from work, I'd stop for some deliciousness. Now, I can stop just about anytime I want.

In addition to their regular line-up of flavors, like Stumptown Coffee with Burnside Bourbon (my fav), Freckled Woodblock Chocolate, Arbequina Olive Oil (wife's fav) and Pear with Blue Cheese, Salt & Straw typically puts out several decidedly different flavors every month, usually based on a theme. For September, the theme is fresh Oregon produce--and what do you think is my favorite Oregon produce?  Come on, that's an easy one. HOPS! Imagine my delight when I spotted Apricots and Citra Hops up on the menu board today. I HAD to try it.

Now, this isn't the first time Salt & Straw has come out with a beer-like ice cream flavor. They are actually old pros with this kind of flavor profile. Truthfully, I think they could make Sawdust and Black Mold taste delicious. These folks are probably legitimate, wand-toting wizards. I'm not kidding. By now, you're probably asking "What does hops ice cream taste like?" Do you really want to know?


The ice cream is fruity and with just the right amount of hops bitterness. The hops flavor is not over-the-top, but it's definitely in there. Perfectly balanced against the apricot. Wow! I love this stuff. Seriously, get yourself down to Salt & Straw and try it for yourself. I believe they have three locations here in Portland.

This is a first for BeerGuyPDX, but I'm actually giving an ice cream a score of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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