Saturday, September 20, 2014

Portland Growler Co. - 32 oz. Sprocket Growlette

Keepin' it chill, PDX style.
It was my birthday on Wednesday. My gawd, I hate birthdays. Yeah, yeah, I thought September 17th was the most awesome day of the year when I was a dumb kid. Now, let's face it, I'm almost as old a Mathuselah and the only purpose my birthday serves is as a stark reminder of that long dirt nap that is waiting right around the corner for me. Humbug to birthdays! (Shakes cane in Death's general direction.)

Anyway, the only good thing about my birthday nowadays is that I get to drink loads of beer and folks give me presents--well, my wife gives me presents. This year, she surprised me with an awesome little ceramic growler made right here in Portland, Oregon by the Portland Growler Co.

My growler is a 32 oz. model (they call it a growlette) with a "sprocket" handle. It's satin grey. These babies also come in 64 oz sizes and in a variety of finishes and styles. My lovely missus presented me with this great gift at our favorite taproom, so of course, I got it filled immediately. 32 ounces of Boneyard Beer's Hop Venom IPA. It was filled at around 8:00 PM last night and has been sitting in my fridge all day. How did it hold up?

The flip-top lid opened with a little bit of a pop. Good. As soon as I started pouring, a healthy head rose up from the glass. Good! It was 91 degrees in my living room this afternoon. I closed the lid after every pour and it took me about an hour to polish off the 32 ounces. That little growler kept the beer cold the entire time. With this heat, I thought it was a pretty good test.

What I really like is the fact that I can fetch home some of Oregon's finest craft beer in a piece of fine, local, artisan-crafted pottery. This little growler is functional, beautiful and made right here in my hometown. How cool is that? The wide-mouth lid is great. It looked very easy to fill. 

Of course, hand-craftsmanship is never cheap. My 32 oz growlette cost $55. A larger 64 oz model will set you back $65. Personally, I think it's worth every penny. I've gotten many compliments and questions already. What a great gift for the beer drinker in your life--even if that's YOU!

I highly recommend this product. Go get one!

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