Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fort George Brewery - Fresh IPA

From bine to brew to can to you!
Fort George Brewery has just proven that a craft brewer doesn't have to be witty, or clever, or controversial when naming a beer. All they have to really do is make sure that whatever they bottle (or can) is freaking delicious.

Fort George's Fresh IPA is exactly what the name foretells: It's a fresh hop IPA. Fort George's website advises that over a ton of wet Simcoe hops were packed into brew tanks within 24 hours of harvest from Loftus Ranches. This beer comes with an ABV of 6.4%. I purchased a single 1 pint can at New Seasons for $2.99. I've been hearing a lot about this brew, so I couldn't wait to pop the top and try it. How did it stack up, you ask?

The beer poured into my IPA glass a clear, golden orange color with a bright, white head. The head was a full finger thick and dissipated slowly. A significant amount of foamy lacing was left behind. Quite an attractive brew, I must say.

Aroma was pine resin, citrus and tropical fruit. Wow, quite a nose full of fruit, actually. Orange, grapefruit, pineapple, guava, mango. Sweet malt in the background.

Taste followed the nose. Hops bitterness gave way to orange and grapefruit. Tropical and stone fruit. Just a tinge of herbal, grassiness. Just right. The malt flavor was left on the palate at the end. Nice balance. Much more complexity than I anticipated.

Medium mouthfeel with excellent carbonation. Juicy finish. No detectable alcohol.

Overall, this is a fantastic fresh hop beer. Delicious, and just what I'd expect from Fort George, a brewery that has yet to disappoint me. This one is a keeper. I recommend getting some in your fridge ASAP, because I'm probably going to swoop in and snatch up multiple purchases at every store in Portland. You've been warned. I'm giving this wonderful beer a perfect BeerGuyPDX rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4 and a Droolie. The Wonder Beagle put out six inch drool tendrils for this one.

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