Saturday, August 2, 2014

10 Barrel Brewing Beer Recall

Fire in the hole?
The Internet was abuzz this week about the voluntary recall of every bottle of 10 Barrel Brewing Company's Swill American Radler. Seems there was a problem with some secondary fermentation, which was making the brew excessively carbonated--and potentially explosive. Yikes!

I had a bomber of kombucha explode under my bar once. My gawd, that was one helluva mess! It also took out half of my glassware. Little shards of glass and sticky liquid landed all over the room. No, that's not something you want to play around with and I was very grateful no one was home when the explosion happened. If you have a bottle of Swill sitting around, you should dispose of it ASAP.

Unfortunately, 10 Barrel has also expanded the recall to include their Cherry Tart Beer #1. Here's the notice from their Facebook page:

Update on Swill Recall Notice 
After two days of continuous testing, researching, and investigating by our entire team (including outside help), we have been able to discover the root cause of the issue. We used a unique and specific enzyme in the brewing process thats purpose is to break down complex starch strains and reinvigorate early fermentation in some of our sour beers. This enzyme is the cause of the issue we are having. It's important to note that there are no health concerns if this product has been consumed.

With this discovery comes an ADDITIONAL RECALL notice. This enzyme was also used in the first beer of our number series, a Cherry Tart named Beer #1. Though this beer was brewed and sold a couple of months ago, we fear that there is still some remaining in your beer cellars, refrigerators, or other storage areas. Please, if you still have Beer #1, dispose of it in the same method that we asked for Swill in the below post.

To contact the brewery regarding a refund, please call or email the same information for the Swill recall. or (541) 678-5427.

We apologize greatly for these issues and inconveniences. We are absolutely confident that this discovery will prevent this issue from happening in the future in any of our beers. We thank you all for following the instructions of the recall, as well as your support.

10 Barrel Brewing Company
Kudos to 10 Barrel Brewing for getting the word out there and making it right for their customers with a refund. I'm sure this kind of thing is every brewer's worst nightmare. I wish them good luck and a full financial recovery from this unfortunate circumstance. I really enjoy Swill a lot and hope it makes it back on the shelves soon!

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