Saturday, July 12, 2014

Portland Brewery Playing Cards

The artist with his work!
I was out and wandering about at the Mississippi Street Fair today, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. What a beautiful day, and thousands of my fellow Portlanders were also outside and enjoying the sunny weather on this perfect summer day.

Of course, I stopped by Ecliptic Brewing and tried a new beer. I also had some tasty Korean tacos from the Koi Fusion truck. Hundreds of vendors lined both sides of N. Mississippi Avenue, displaying all kinds of hand-crafted goods and artwork.

One booth that caught my eye had playing cards with beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations representing the most popular breweries in the city of Portland. Awesome!

Yes, folks, in case you didn't know, Portland has more breweries within her borders than any other city on the planet--more than enough to provide inspiration for an artist to produce a deck of cards with individual drawings of 52 different locations. Yup, 52 cards--52 breweries.
Cool cards!

The artist, Aaron Voronoff Trotter, was manning his booth while I checked out the cards. Beautiful work, I must say, and Aaron has created several other collectible decks with Portland themes--Portland and Secrets of Portland--and several other Oregon cities and cities around the world. Check them out here. Many decks are available on his website for $20,00 each.

Aaron's website also advises that each of the decks are printed in Portland on UV coated card stock, have rounded corners and are shrink-wrapped in a custom box. Suits, numbers and an original hand-drawn border template are made by Aaron, and each box is signed, numbered and includes both an index of the locations featured and an artist’s statement. You can also buy the decks at the Portland Saturday Market near the Skidmore Fountain downtown, every Saturday and Sunday.

Aaron advised me that he had the incredibly difficult task of visiting each and every brewery in the deck, in order to come up with his illustrations. Wow, man, that's rough, isn't it? I couldn't imagine a harder job! What torture! Seriously, though, I'm not sure I've even visited 52 breweries in Portland. I'm going to start working my way through that deck!

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