Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beer & Soccer, Soccer & Beer

The 10th Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival is going on this Thursday through Sunday (June 26 through June 29) at Overlook Park, right here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Is there anything real Portlanders love more than delicious, awesome craft beer? Duh, yeah! There's one thing: soccer, futbol, that sport everybody else in whole world is CRAZY about, except the majority of Americans. Yes, Portlanders love their soccer.

Me, I'm not a big soccer fan. I grew up playing baseball and I'm a big Mixed Martial Arts fanatic. Hey, don't judge my sports and I won't judge yours. However, I have been checking out the soccer matches on TV. Truthfully, I have no idea what's going on there. Guys get a little bump on the hip and fall down on the ground, looking like Lee Harvey Oswald right after Jack Ruby plugged him, and the next thing you know they're up running around again like nothing happened. What's up with that? I also need somebody to explain exactly what the hell "off sides" means in soccer. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. Still, I do enjoy the spectacle...and I'm talking about the antics of the fans in the stadium. Wow, those are some face-paintin', fright wig-wearin', incomprehensible sign-wavin' maniacs! I could really get into that!

The Portland Timbers is the team that's fanatically supported around these parts (OMG, if you want to lose some PDX Twitter followers, tweet something nasty 'bout the Timbers!) but the FIFA World Cup is also going on right now. Seemingly endless soccer matches (from June 12 to July 13) are filling bar stools and La-Z-Boy recliners throughout the greater Portland area, and it must be causing quite a dilemma for many of Stumptown's ardent beer lovers. What will you do, WHAT WILL YOU DO? Go to the NAOBF or watch Algeria vs. Russia, or is it Portugal vs. Ghana? I don't know, but that's got to be a mind-blowing, impossible decision to make! 

Never fear, soccer and beer lovers! The NAOBF appears to have the solution to all your problems. How about hooking up four flat screen TVs at the venue to show all the World Cup matches AND the Friday Portland Timbers game? Yup, now folks can watch the matches, drink organic beer with friends and enjoy one of Portland's nicest settings ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How sweet is that? Pretty damn sweet!


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