Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hoppy Camper

It's a brew-tiful day in the neighborhood.
I live in one of the most awesome neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. The Alberta Arts District is actually an amalgamation of several old NE Portland neighborhoods, primarily parts of Concordia, King and Vernon neighborhoods. 

The "main drag" is along NE Alberta Street, between NE 7th and 33rd Avenues. I LOVE living in this neighborhood. Yes, it's a little gritty. There's an abundance of graffiti and more than a few interesting individuals lurking about (most recently, the NE Flasher). But, nestled among a vast array of awesome art galleries, bars and restaurants are some of the friendliest folks you'll find anywhere. My neighborhood is also home to probably the most amazing street festival in the Pacific Northwest, Last Thursday.

Like many Portlanders, I'm committed to public transportation. My number 8 bus drops me off at NE 15th Avenue and Alberta Street everyday. After that, it's a brisk walk up Alberta and I'm home sweet home. It's a pleasant walk, even when it's raining. Today, it was gloriously sunny and warm. What could make the walk home even better? How about a cozy food pod complete with a BEER cart? Yeah, that works!

I was very happy to see the Hoppy Camper beer cart open for business in the spot once occupied by the Captured by Porches beer bus at NE Alberta and 23rd. Awesome! I missed stopping in at Captured on the way home. I was sad when they closed, but very happy when I read that a new owner would be reopening the taps.

Serving 'em up with a smile.
I introduced myself to Brandon, the proprietor of Hoppy Camper. What a nice guy, and what a nice little taplist! Oh, yeah! Upright Pils, Laurelwood Porter, Double Mountain Kolsh, Epic Escape to Colorado IPA and a cider. A little something excellent for everybody! Good choices and I was more than happy to plunk down the price of $4 for a pint. Of course, I ended up getting three.

The 23rd & Alberta Food Cart Pod also has a little something for everybody. Garden Monsters has a variety of tasty salads. The Cheese Plate PDX has lots of cheese-related goodies, like grilled cheese sammiches, and the Sugar Shop has tasty sweets, like the AMAZING chicory liqueur s'more I ate today!

The pod has a number of large picnic tables, covered by a spacious awning. It's a great family atmosphere and I'm told that special musical events are being planned for the weekends. I'm there! I have to admit that the Hoppy Camper will certainly help inspire me to walk the dog more often!

There are taps inside that trailer.

Let's meet up at the food cart pod!


  1. Good article. Do you know if they fill growlers?

    1. I don't know if they fill growlers. They should! I'll ask the next time I'm in. Their OLCC license might not allow it.