Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Bier Stein - Eugene, Oregon

Bier, bier, bier!
Two of my kids live in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is a cool place to visit. It's a college town--home of the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and a whole lot of hippies. The late Ken Kesey, famed author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and pilot of the infamous, LSD-powered school bus Further, is perhaps Eugene's most noteworthy citizen. Did I mention there are a whole lot of hippies in Eugene?

In addition to a plethora of tie-dyed t-shirts, patchouli and weed, you'll also find quite a thriving craft beer culture in Eugene. Many great breweries are found within the city limits and just beyond, like Ninkasi, Oakshire and Hop Valley, to name a few. There are also some excellent taprooms, one of them being The Bier Stein.

The Bier Stein recently relocated to a much larger building at 1591 Willamette Street (my ex-Eugene denizen spouse tells me it was previously an indoor farmer's market) and the extra elbow room is greatly appreciated. The bigger space also provides a massive cold case filled with bottles of just about every kind of tasty beverage a craft beer lover could desire. They advertise 1000 bottles and the largest selection in Oregon. Impressive!

The Digital Pour system displays about 30 rotating taps behind the counter. You can open a tab at the cash register and--get this--send subsequent beer and food orders via text message. My (adult) kids love the high tech touch and it seems to work very well. 
Lots of elbow room...

The food is excellent. If you eat at The Bier Stein, you gotta get the Bier Cheese. Delicious! I also highly recommend the artichoke dip for an appetizer. Tasty! They have many of the usual pub grub items on the menu: sandwiches, salads and such.

There's a big, cozy fireplace located in the back section of the pub and I suggest that area for old-timers like me. The large open space and high ceiling make for a bit of a noisy experience, but nothing too bad. I always have difficulty hearing what my beer-drinking companions say at most pubs, anyway. Sometimes, I just have to smile, nod and hope nobody is calling me a dirty, rotten scoundrel.

Service is prompt and friendly. Take-out bottles came with a 20% discount when I was there last. They also have a separate cash register for take-out purchases. Smart.

The Bier Stein is a bottle shop and taproom done right. Great beer, good food and plenty of room. If you find yourself in Eugene, I highly recommend.

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