Saturday, November 2, 2013

Burnside Brewing Company - Thundarr the Bavarian

Funny, I don't feel Bavarian.
Neighbors had a Halloween party. A loud party. At about 1 AM, I was thinking about going over with a mix CD of classic rock and bullying them into playing it--instead of the auto-tuned techno pop they were forcing the entire neighborhood to listen to all night.


I didn't do that. I also didn't toilet paper and egg their house at 4 AM. I swear, it wasn't me. It was some other beer-bellied guy named Dolf Dinderblinn. I saw him speed off in a bitchin' Camaro.

Anyway, I'm not quite caught up on the sleep deprivation. I'm sure the upcoming Daylight Savings Time switcheroo isn't going to help much, either. My internal beer clock is all messed up. Why, I might even have a beer for breakfast...

This morning's beer review concerns a brew made right here in Stumptown: Burnside Brewing Company's Thundarr the Bavarian. It's described as a Bavarian Style Imperial Wheat Ale. It comes with a healthy ABV of 7.4%. I bought a bomber of it at New Seasons for $3.99.

The beer poured into my pint glass a very hazy peach color. The bubbly white head rose up to about a 1/2 inch tall and dissipated before I could get my camera fired up.

Aroma was mild fruit and bready yeast. Banana, melon, with some underlying spice. Clove.

Taste gave some initial lemony citrus followed up by coriander and clove. Crisp, clean, solid malt backbone shines through. Bready yeast flavor, as foretold by the nose. Mild tropical fruit. Hints of apple. There's no hint of that 7.4% alcohol that I could detect.

Medium mouthfeel with lots of carbonation. Dry finish. Malt flavor and spice left briefly on the palate.

I'm not a huge Weissbier fan, but I like this brew. It gives a nice bang for the buck. Good stuff from a local brewer that I'm giving a respectable BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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