Friday, November 22, 2013

Base Camp Brewing Company - In-2-Tents Imperial IPL

Wolf-tested, Gnomey approved.
I already highly approve of Base Camp Brewing Company's In-Tents IPL. It earned a 4 crushed cans rating when I reviewed it last year. So, when I saw a bottle of In-2-Tents Imperial IPL in the cold case at Belmont Station, I had to buy it and try it.

The label says this brew is double wet hopped and comes with an ABV of 7.7%. It came packaged in one of Base Camp's super-cool, aluminum bombers and set me back $7. Let's see how the boys at Base Camp did with it, shall we?

The beer poured into my pint glass a hazy, orange/amber color with an off-white head. The head rose up to more than a finger high and dissipated slowly. Spotty lacing was left behind, along with a full ring around the rim.

Aroma was sweet malt, indistinct citrus and pine. Notes of tropical and stone fruit in the background.

Taste was full of hops bitterness right from the first sip. Sweet, earthy malt. Grapefruit. Slight alcohol taste, but not a deal breaker. Not a great deal of complexity to this one. Still, it's an easy drinker and quite tasty.

Medium mouthfeel with good carbonation. Slightly creamy finish with the hops bitterness left behind on the palate at the end.

Good stuff and the first "Small Batch" series from Base Camp that I've ever tried. Looking forward to more. I'm giving this brew a respectable BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie. The Wonder Beagle's interest was peaked as soon as I popped the cap off the bomber.

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