Thursday, October 3, 2013

Full Sail Brewing Company - Full Sail Amber

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It's Thursday night and I'm just not feeling very creative. See the photo on the left? I usually try to come up with some kind of appropriate caption. Something witty, something with a hook. Tonight, I got nothin'. It's not the beer's fault. I have some kind of beer blogger's block or something. Hey, if you've got a suitable caption, please let me know.

Tonight's spotlight beer is Full Sail Brewing's Amber Ale. It came in a 12 oz. bottle (from a six pack) and has an ABV of 5.5%. Full Sail is located in beautiful Hood River, Oregon--one of my favorite towns. I've always wanted to take a tour of Full Sail's brewery. You can't miss it when you roll into Hood River.

The beer poured into my glass a--surprise--deep amber color. The finger thick, beige head was quite creamy and clumpy, and dissipated slowly. Lots of sudsy lacing was left behind.

Aroma delivered lots of toasted malt. The sweet smell of caramel and toffee was backed up by light citrus hops.

Taste followed the nose. Very malt forward, which I expected. Pleasant hops bitterness. Not a lot of complexity, but certainly nothing unappealing about this beer.

Medium mouthfeel with low to medium carbonation. Slightly creamy finish with the malt flavor hanging around as the only aftertaste.

This is an easy drinker. Perhaps not especially memorable, but a good beer to use to fill up a party cooler (and party guests), for sure. I'm giving Full Sail Amber Ale a BeerGuyPDX rating of 2 1/2 crushed cans out of 4.

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