Friday, July 12, 2013

Sasquatch Brewing Company

Gone Squatchin'...
This is the Pacific Northwest--home of the legendary Bigfoot. Now, I've never encountered that stinky, hairy beast of lore during any of my treks through the forest, but I'm not about to start poo-pooing his existence. There are some remote, pristine areas of wilderness just minutes away from my front porch. Almost anything could be out there. For all I know, entire families of squatch roam the streets of Stumptown in the wee hours of the morning. Hey, something dug through my trashcans the other night, I'm just sayin'.

Sasquatch Brewing Company is a family-owned place located in the woodsy high country of suburban Portland. Don't worry, those creatures with the hairy faces aren't squatch, they're probably just beer geeks enjoying some of the tasty brews made at this well-appointed neighborhood brewpub.

I dropped in with a friend right after happy hour ended a couple of days ago. (Like many bars and pubs in the Portland area, happy hour is 3 to 5 and 9 to close.) They have a decent HH menu and some tasty snack items on the regular menu. I got the Deep-Fried Kimchee Pickles and some House-Cut Fries. The dinner menu is loaded with some interesting pub grub. They have small plates, burgers and some big plates with items like grilled pork loin and beer can chicken. Of course, I was there for the beer.

Good stuff of tap.
Sasquatch Brewing Company has an outside patio and several tables out front on the sidewalk. All of the outside seating was full-up on the evening I was in, so you may want to get there early on a nice night.

There are three dining areas inside the building and a small bar near the main entrance. Service was reasonably attentive and friendly. Our food was brought to the table promptly and our glasses were kept full.

I sampled three beers, each one as good as the last. My favorite was the Moby Dick IIPA, which I'll review at length later. I was also quite fond of the Hairy Knuckle Stout... and the Woodboy Dry Hop IPA... oh, hell, they were all good! They're brewing up some tasty beers out there among the tall trees!

There are so many fine breweries and brewpubs in and around Portland and Sasquatch has made it on my list of "must tries". I highly recommend a visit, whether you're a Stumptown native or a beercationer. Good stuff.


  1. Love these guys. Awesome young brewery & awesome people running it. Nothing but great things to say.

    1. I'll definitely be back. Solid brews and a lot to try!