Saturday, June 22, 2013

Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Squeezed IPA

Squeeze me, pleeze
I live in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland, Oregon, and if you've never been to this burg, the first thing you need to know is that it's ALL about the neighborhoods. Urban Portlanders are fiercely loyal to their little pieces of turf. Some folks rarely stray outside of their neighborhoods. We shop, dine and drink within the uniquely special confines of our awesome divisions of Stumptown.

Of course, MY neighborhood in the BEST. Friday night and I didn't have any beer in the fridge. Gratefully, there are about a zillion bars and pubs in my 'hood. I can walk out my front door, head for Alberta Street, and have an ice-cold pint of fine Oregon craft beer in my hand in a matter of minutes. Ahhhh. Last night, the missus and I wandered over to The Station, a sports bar with an abundance of great outdoor seating. The massive back patio is where we ended up. I'll have to review the place later.

My first beer of choice was Deschutes Brewery's Fresh Squeezed IPA. I'm told it's made with an abundance of Citra hops. ABV is 6.0%.

The beer came in a shaker pint and was a clear, deep copper color. The bright white head was a full inch thick and dissipated at a moderate rate down to a thick, full cap. A good amount of webby lacing was left all over the glass.

Aroma was big on citrus and tropical fruit. Light sweet malt smell with some floral hints in the background.

Taste was exactly as advertised. Loads of citrus: orange and grapefruit. Nice hops bite that left the palate quickly.

Medium mouthfeel and good carbonation. Bitter, juicy finish.

If you like a juicy, citrus-fruity IPA, this is a good one for you. I found it to be highly drinkable. Not a hop bomb, but probably a good intermediate IPA for the craft beer initiate. I liked it. I'm giving Fresh Squeezed IPA a solid BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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