Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Oregon Public House - Saving the World One Pint at a Time

Choose the charity that gets your beer money.
Yesterday, I hopped on a TriMet bus to check out  some of the stops on my Beer by Bus postings. Hey, it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. It might as well be me. The reliable ol' Number 8 lead me to someplace new: The Oregon Public House.

It was just after 3PM and it looked like the place had just opened. A number of people were occupying picnic tables outside, having a pint in the surprise Saturday sunshine. (Hey, in Portland, you gotta take it when you get it.)

I was on a mission for beer, so I wandered inside. The decor is warm and inviting. Some high booths on one side of the room and tables in the front area. There's even a kiddie play area in a back. (Kind of like those separate play areas in doctor's offices...but with beer...and less germs.) The main space is exposed brick and open ceiling--the old building renovation style that is popular nowadays. The big natural wood bar and log-sliced stools are pretty cool.

They had a tap list of about a dozen local, quality craft beers posted on a blackboard and a nice pub grub menu, too. I didn't order any food during my visit, but I spotted an awesome looking Reuben on a table when I was leaving. I was almost tempted to pull a snatch and dash, it looked that delicious. Of course, I was there for some beer and I wasn't disappointed with the tap list. Ninkasi, Boneyard, Pfriem, Oakshire, etc. A decent selection with something for everybody.

I was greeted with a friendly welcome as soon as I walked in the door. That's always a pleasant surprise. I saddled up to the bar and ordered a Country Boy IPA. The friendly bartendress asked me what charity I wanted to support with my order. Seriously? Seriously. There was a blackboard behind the bar listing eight popular charities from which to choose. I picked Friends of Trees. Some of my best friends are trees.

The Give-O-Meter
The Oregon Public House is a non-profit pub. I was told that 100% of their profits go to worthy causes throughout the community. What a great idea! That means my beer purchases can actually contribute to something more than my ever-expanding beergut!

Apparently, there are quite a few charitable beer drinkers in NE Portland. The place really started to fill up by the time I was halfway through my beer.

The Oregon Public House is child-friendly. I know that's a turn-off for a few of my fellow pub frequenters, but putting the play area in the back should satisfy the grouches who are aggravated by the joyous sound of happy children. 

The favorite part of my visit was the Give-O-Meter. I love contraptions and this one is constructed with vintage beer steins. What does it do exactly? I'm not sure, but the thing emits smoke when a dial is turned. That's all I need to know. Stop in and see for yourself.

The Oregon Public House is located at 700 NE Dekum Street, Portland, Oregon 97211. Check it out and give your beer money to a good cause.

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