Monday, May 27, 2013

Merry the Beer-Lovin' Wonder Beagle

Is that a craft beer I smell?
Meet Merry the Wonder Beagle. She's quite an extraordinary pup. Why? Well, she does a helluva Chewbacca impression for one thing. She can also close the door behind herself when she comes inside the house. Actually, she slams the door, but beagles aren't exactly known for their stealth. Beagles are world renowned for their amazing noses, and Merry's nose is truly amazing.

Like her papa, Merry is crazy about beer--hoppy beer. The more hops the better. Whenever I'm sipping a tasty, premium brewski, you'll find Merry at my feet with long, viscous strings of drool flowing from both sides of her mouth. The smell of beer is one of the few things that can rouse the pooch from a deep, snoring nap. (That's the origin of the "Droolie" award that only a few select beers are honored to receive.)

Merry generally ignores cheap mass-produced beer. Bud or Miller won't even get a reaction from her. She doesn't care for hard liquor, either. However, there are some beers that she can smell through the bottle. Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is an example. She'll be yapping at my feet before I even remove the bomber from my grocery bag.

It's the lofty aroma of a freshly opened craft beer that really gets Merry going. If I gently waft the bottle or glass in Merry's direction, she reacts like it's a slap to the snout. The aroma of hops is simply irresistible to her. She'll growl, harangue and bully me to try to get a taste, and every once in a while I'll indulge her with a couple of drops from the tip of my pinky.

Of course, Merry only gets that teeny, tiny taste of beer from time to time. Don't run off calling the Humane Society or go all righteously indignant on me. I didn't teach my dog to do kegstands or anything like that. Alcohol is NOT good for doggies of any kind, and we can't have her waddling across the living room with a ginormous beer belly--that's my gig. I often wonder if other beagle owners have experienced the same beermania from their pooches. In any case, Merry's beer-inspired antics are always hilarious and I never get tired of watching her drool. Good dog!

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