Monday, May 27, 2013

Columbia River Brewing Company - Ground "N" Pound IIPA

This sucker will put a
kimura on ya.
A friend sent me a tweet yesterday advising me to try Columbia River Brewing Company's Ground "N" Pound IIPA. People who know me know that the only thing I enjoy more that a fine craft beer is MMA. (For the uninitiated, MMA refers to "mixed martial arts", as in UFC. Ground "N" Pound refers to the basic MMA technique of taking your opponent to the ground, preferably on his back, and then beating the holy bejeebers out of him with big punches and elbow strikes to the face.) Giving a beer that moniker is kind of like throwing down the gauntlet for this beer drinker. I had to give it a try.

I wandered over to Columbia River Brewing's brewpub this morning and bellied up to the bar. The friendly bartender advised me that Ground "N" Pound is an "English IIPA", in that it's brewed with English malt--and lots of it. I was intrigued. The  tap list behind the bar advised that the beer comes with an ABV of 8% and 86 IBU's.

The beer was delivered to my beer mat in an English pint glass. An all day happy hour price of $4.50 made it a sweet deal, especially for a full pint. So many places only serve double IPA's in itty-bitty snifters. That always makes me sad.

The pour was beautiful, I must say. The beer was a hazy, brownish orange color and had a spectacular, creamy, light tan head that rose up above the rim of the glass. Quite a mustache coater. The head dissipated slowly and left a generous amount of sudsy lacing behind.

Aroma was sweet malt right up front. A big nose full of citrus, pine and floral hops. Light brown sugar smell floating around, too.

Taste gave a big, bitter hops pucker ASAP. Once that faded, a tasty malt flavor was left behind. Then the hops came back, rolling around on my palate for a good long time. I was still tasting the hops while driving home. I'm also still smelling that malt aroma from the suds left in my beard.

Medium mouthfeel, with just a bit of extra body. Good carbonation. I didn't detect much of an alcohol taste at all.

Hey, this stuff is an asskicker and deserves the Ground "N" Pound name. I like it because it's not your typical NW IPA. It's just different enough without being weird. I like it and would definitely drink it again. I'm giving Ground "N" Pound a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4.

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