Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pizza Port Brewing Company - Poorman's IPA

Best head ever...
Pizza Port in Ocean Beach is officially my favorite craft beer destination in San Diego. I was terribly disappointed on my visits to several of the other famous craft brewers during my visit to this lovely town. They seemed totally corporate, stodgy and expensive--basically, the antithesis of what I feel a craft brewery should be about. Douchebag, preppy, country club types in ironed chinos and plaid shirts sipping on expensive beer and nibbling on fancy, stinky cheese plates? Please!

Pizza Port keeps it real. Honest craft beer, served with appropriate beer-related grub: wings, pizza, cheese sticks, pretzels. NOT chic-chic quail knots and massively over-priced pu-pus. Their taplist is loaded with Pizza Port's own great brews and many, many tasty guest taps. Plus, you can get out of the place without having to dip into your 401k to pay the bill.

My favorite beer from my last visit to Pizza Port was (appropriately) their Poorman's IPA. It's a double IPA with a respectable ABV of 9.5%.

The beer was poured into a shaker pint and was presented a lovely golden copper color. The white head was amazing. Just look at that photo. It was thick and creamy and rose up almost a full finger above the rim of the glass. The head dissipated slowly and left an abundance of lacing behind.

Aroma was citrus and resinous pine. Just what you'd expect from an IIPA. Light floral and tropical fruit in the background.

Taste was citrus hops up front: orange and grapefruit. Nice bitter hops bang to this stuff. Significant pine and just the right amount of skunky-funk way in the back. Delicious stuff.

Medium to just a little chewy in the mouthfeel. Great carbonation. Very hard to detect much of an alcohol bite, which is impressive given the 9.5% ABV. Very drinkable and my kind of IIPA. I really couldn't find a flaw.

I'm giving Poorman's IPA a BeerGuy PDX rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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