Thursday, April 4, 2013

Drake's Brewing - Drakonic Imperial Stout

I dropped off the number 8 bus on the way home from work today and shuffled over to 1856 bottleshop. There were quite a few people inside at a cider tasting. It looked like a fun little crowd, but I was on  mission to pick up a new brew to review.

I found myself peering into the cold case at a bomber of Drake's Drakonic Imperial Stout. I've had a couple of different beers made by Drake's Brewing before and found them to be just excellent. Quite pleased to have found my Thursday beer, I made my purchase and shuffled home. (Yes, shuffled. Plantar fasciitis has this old man shambling around like one of the Walking Dead. Braaaaaains!)

The beer poured into my little tulip glass a deep, dark black color with a beautiful mocha head. The head came up at almost two fingers thick and dissipated at a moderate rate. A good amount of lacing was left behind. Quite an exceptionally pretty beer.

When I wandered into the TV room with my glass, the first thing my wife said was, "Wow, that smells really malty. Kind of like a chocolate malt." Quite a discerning nose my lady has, especially for someone who doesn't like beer. There is a prominent malt aroma, with hints of chocolate and vanilla. There's also a noticeable booziness to the smell of this 8.75% ABV RIS.

Taste is mildly bitter chocolate and vanilla. Just a bit of smokiness. This one is certainly a malt bomb. Lots of roasted and chocolate malt flavor rolls around on the palate after a smooth, dry finish.

Medium mouthfeel with light carbonation. Creamy and smooth with very little alcohol taste. I like it.

Merry the Wonder Beagle hasn't shown much interest in a beer in a while. This one got her attention and held it. Long, long strings of drool were hanging from both sides of the poochie's sad, sad face. It was truly disgusting, but she would have fought a rabid raccoon for a sip of this beer.

Really, really nice and I can't find a single fault with this brew. I'm giving Drake's Drakonic a BeerGuyPDX rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4 AND a droolie.