Monday, February 25, 2013

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company - O'Ryely IPA

The life of O'Ryely?
I have a pretty good variety of bombers to sample and review this week. The fridge is loaded. The first brew up--only because  it was the first bottle I grabbed--is Widmer Brothers O'Ryely IPA. I am surmising from the name that it is brewed with rye. I hope that's the case and not just an unfortunate spelling error.

The beer poured into my Shaker pint a reddish amber color with a thick, off-white head. The head rose up to almost two fingers thick and left a prodigious amount of lacing behind all over the glass.

Aroma is citrus hops with a faint grassy smell in the background. Also present is the very sweet aroma of tropical fruit. Pineapple, for the most part.

Taste is pleasantly bitter, citrus hops. Orange and grapefruit. Not too heavy on the grapefruit, like a lot of Northwest IPA's. It's a little different and I like it. There's a nice spicy zing to the stuff. The finish is very clean. The hop bitterness drops off rather quickly and the earthy rye flavor is left rolling around on the palate.

Medium mouthfeel with medium carbonation. The body is a bit heavier than I expected, but it's not a tonsil coater by any means.

Nice one! I'm not sure what I was expecting. When I drink whiskey, I prefer a rye. I just find the flavor to be more...interesting. This brew presented a similar nuance. O'Ryely IPA gets a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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