Sunday, February 17, 2013

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers - Chai Payback Porter

Bye, bye my American Chai...

I was running a bunch of errands this afternoon and I said to myself, "Self, your deserve a re-ward for doing all these here errands.Yee-hoo!" (I sound like a hillbilly when I talk to myself.)

"Yes, yes you do, Self," I answered myself. ""

Thus, I ended up on a barstool at one of the local beer halls. They had quite a few tasty brews on tap. It was  bit early in the afternoon, so I opted for a darker beer. Dark beers just seem more appropriate for breakfast to me for some reason. I selected the Chai Payback Porter from Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.

The beer was presented in a Shaker pint a 10w30 black with a tiny mocha head (over-poured). The head disappeared quickly and left no lacing behind.

Aroma is straight up Chai. This brew smells like Chai tea. Chocolate, coffee and brown sugar in the background.

Taste follows the nose. Lots of Chai spices. Roasted malt is in there, too, with some vanilla bean, cocoa and espresso bouncing around a bit.

Full mouthfeel and no appreciable alcohol taste to this 7.5% ABV brew.

I'm thinking the Chai profile is just a bit too over-powering in this beer for me. It's tasty, but I don't see myself ordering it ever again. Nothing really wrong with the stuff, it's just not my thing. I'm giving this one a BeerguyPDX rating of 2 crushed cans our of 4.

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