Sunday, February 24, 2013

Full Sail Brewing Company - Vendell's Veizen Weizen Bock

Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen
It's Oscar Night! Big whoop. Sounds like the perfect time to catch up on my beer reviews. Seriously, if I want to watch a bunch of miscreants babble incoherently about nothing particularly important or interesting, I'll just go for a ride on a city bus at midnight.

Earlier this evening, I popped open a bottle of Full Sail Brewing Company's Vendell's Veizen Weizen Bock. Say that three times  really fast.

The beer poured into my lil' tulip glass a clear, dark brown/amber color. The tan head came up a full finger thick but dissipated very quickly. Minimal lacing was left behind. The head came back immediately when I refreshed the glass.

Aroma is bready malt with some brown sugar sweetness in the background. Interesting spice scent with some tropical fruit: banana and pineapple.

Taste is toasted malt with a light, pleasant hop bitterness backing it up. A very muted spiciness and just the slightest alcohol sting to this 7.2% ABV beer.

Medium mouthfeel with some lively carbonation. There's just a bit of a wateriness to the finish. Wish it was a bit more creamy and substantial at the end.

All in all, this is a pretty solid beer. Very drinkable and I could knock back a few without complaint. I'm giving Vendell's Veizen a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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