Monday, February 18, 2013

Calapooia Brewing Company - Chili Beer

Spice is nice
C-H-I-L-E. E. The word ends in E. Please refer to my prior post about another "chili" beer. Anyway, I'm sure I sound like a bitchy, old fusspot, but come on, people. CHILE.

It also appears I'm on a kick, but that's how I do things. Last week, it was oyster stouts. This week, it's chile beers.

Calapooia Chili Beer poured into my pint glass a slightly hazy amber color. The white head came up to a full finger thick and dissipated very quickly. No lacing was left behind.

Aroma is straight up chiles: smells like a freshly chopped Jalapeno. Very slight citrus and malt notes way in the background.

Taste is big on the chiles, too. Jalapeno or Serrano. Nice. There's a little bit of heat, but not so much that it spoils the experience. Unless you are a total chile wimp, this brew won't have you running for a spoonful of ice cream. I'm not picking up any hops, but my hop lovin' beagle is sitting here drooling like crazy. She only drools for hops, so there must be some in there that her hounddog nose is smelling. The chile flavor does calm down as the beer warms up and there's a pleasant maltiness left on the palate.

Thin to medium mouthfeel. Medium carbonation. No detectable alcohol taste from this 4.8% ABV beer.

I like this one. Really nice, well-defined chile flavor makes it a winner. Calapooia Chili Beer gets a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4, and a Droolie for making the dog slime the sofa.

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