Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ex Novo Brewing Company - Cactus Wins the Lottery Berliner Weisse Sour Ale

Prickle me this...
"Can I help you find something?" said the friendly beer manager.

"Just clear the aisle and stay out of my way! I'm a man on a mission, missy!" said I. 

Well...not really. That's what I was THINKING, anyway. Well...not really. I'm too polite to even think of calling anybody missy. It was a long day at the office and I just wanted a new beer to try. I was shambling through New Seasons like something out of Walking Dead.


I was delighted to find a new offering from Ex Novo Brewing Company in the cold case. Cactus Wins the Lottery is a Berliner Weisse sour ale with prickly pear, according to the label. It comes with an ABV of 4.2%. It was also "brewed with pride in Portland, Oregon." Hey, that's my burg! Actually, I'm very familiar with Ex Novo. They are the nation's first nonprofit brewery. Cool, huh? Read all about Ex Novo's good work HERE. Now, let's get to the beer...

Cactus Wins the Lottery poured into my fancy Dollar Tree stemware a semi-cloudy, pale orange color with a pinkish hue. The white head rose up to a full finger thick and dissipated quickly. a thin ring of lacing was left behind.

Aroma was citrus and floral. Lemon and stone fruit. Some herbal notes with a light, yeasty funk way in the background.

Taste provided a tart lemony flavor up front with luscious prickly pear and stone fruit rolling in right behind. Tropical fruit. The aforementioned herbal notes. Clean malt on the finish of every sip. DANG! I like this one a lot! A LOT A LOT!

Medium mouthfeel with appropriately lively carbonation. Nice sour bite at the end with remnants of those delicious fruit flavors, mild funk and clean malt left behind to please the palate.

This is a really nice sour beer. I would buy this one all the time, anytime and you should, too! It's a lip smacker! Good stuff and I'm giving Cactus Wins the Lottery a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4. Great work, Ex Novo!

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