Monday, October 5, 2015

Pelican Brewing Company - Flock Wave Unfiltered Pale Ale

What the flock?
Somebody asked me the other day why I'm so into beer. Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I really don't know. I just love the stuff. Wine? Not my thing. Hard liquor? Once in a blue moon. I wouldn't even consider myself a big-time boozer, but I drink at least one beer every, single day. Rarely more than two. Beer is freaking delicious, that's why! It's the greatest invention in all of civilization!

There are just so many different styles and tastes of beer. I truly feel sorry for those not initiated into the wonderful world of craft beer. Sad, sorry folk who don't know that there's anything else out there except weak, watery, corny macro beer. Gratefully, their ranks are shrinking more and more every day; with each craft brewery that opens around the world and every fresh pint that is poured.

Today, I'm reviewing Flock Wave Unfiltered Pale Ale from Pelican Brewing Company in beautiful Pacific City, Oregon. If you are ever down that way--or up, depending on your GPS coords--you really should stop by Pelican Pub and Brewery. It's right on the beach. Surfers are usually in the water, and yes, pelicans fly by from time to time. Nothin' fake about this place! They brew some solid beers. So, how's Flock Wave? Let's find out!

The beer poured from bomber into my pint glass a hazy, golden yellow color with a massive, creamy, white head. The head had staying power, too, leaving chunks and clumps of thick, webby lacing behind throughout the entire drink.

Aroma was light pine and orange/lemony citrus. Floral, herbal, a little grassy. Sweet malt. Reminded me of a hoppy hefe on the initial inspection and uptake.

Taste delivered citrus and mild pine. Pleasant hops bitterness. Does not at all taste like a hefeweizen. Light, earthy malt. 

Medium mouthfeel with good carbonation. Smooth, semi-dry finish. Good hops/malt balance as both flavors were left behind in harmony on the palate at the end. Nice!

Overall, this is a tasty American pale ale. Definitely different in appearance than most of it's pale ale brethren. A nice twist on the style. I like! I'm giving Flock Wave a respectable BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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